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Smiling Friends
SM 204
Air date May 27, 2024
Director David Hootselle & Anthony Price
Storyboards Michael Dockery, Paul Georghiou & David Hootselle

After Mr. Boss marries a malformed demon named Brittney, the company undergoes a complete rebrand under her influence. Suspecting Brittney of having sinister intentions, Pim, Charlie, and Allan do more research and learn that "Brittney" is actually Filia Diabulus, the daughter of Satan who manifests every 100 years to kill influential men and grant their belongings to her father, and that the only way to defeat her is to kill her during a full moon. Since the moon is full that night, they race to Brittney's castle. Pim's attempt to stab her in her sleep fails when the knife Charlie had bought from a fellow wedding attendee turns out to be a prop knife, but she wakes up and becomes so distraught upon learning of their intentions to kill her (though admits that their assumptions were correct) that she jumps out a window, becoming fatally impaled by her own rose bush. Mr. Boss thanks them for freeing him and declares that his true love is his work before singing to the four uncomfortable employees. In a post-credits scene, Mr. Boss (who obtained 25% of Hell following Brittney's death) and Satan argue over fence line property boundaries. Brittney is never mentioned.

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