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FLCL: Progressive
Air date June 23, 2018
Writer Hideto Iwai
Director Yoshihide Ibata
Storyboards Yoshihide Ibata

LooPQR is the fourth episode of FLCL: Progressive and tenth of the FLCL series.


Marco is the only one that seems to think that happy Hidomi is attractive. While he's aware that Ide is in love with her, he works part time to buy her a charm. Meanwhile, Jinyu and Raharu scheme to go up to the plant in her Bel Aire.


After the headphones are screwed into her head, Hidomi's personality completely flips, concerning everyone around her as they try to figure out her new upbeat attitude. Jinyu and Haruko decide to take Hidomi into the Medical Mechanica plant to unlock her headphones. Meanwhile, Eye Patch is still trying to find the flowerpot that has the ability to reverse the N.O. Channel polarity, not realizing that Aiko sold it on one of her paid dates. Jinyu, Haruko, and Ide snatch Hidomi off the street in Jinyu's car and carry her to the Medical Mechanica plant. While Haruko and Jinyu argue about their plan of attack, Hidomi begins playing with the flowerpot in the backseat and accidentally drops it on Ide's head, sucking Jinyu and Haruko into another dimension. Meanwhile, Marco prepares to test a Viking Cruise ship ride at a nearby theme park.

As Jinyu and Haruko begin fighting each other in the other dimension, Hidomi's headphones suddenly unlock and she begins to overflow, releasing Jinyu and Haruko from their other dimension. Marco suddenly gets launched at the plant as a giant bamboo shoot sprouts from his head and a small robot puppet climbs up it, getting involved in the fight against Haruko. Ide tries to rescue Hidomi as the car begins rolling off the side of the plant. Jinyu catches the car, but ends up taking the full force of Haruko's attack. Haruko destroys the bamboo shoot and then consumes Jinyu. She beckons Hidomi to join her in order to reunite with Atomsk, but Hidomi refuses.


  • "My Foot" (fool on cool version)
  • "The Third Eye" (fool on cool version)
  • "The Sun That Will Not Rise" (fool on cool version)



  • Original Concept: Production I.G.
  • Executive Producers: Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Jason DeMarco, Keiji Ohta
  • Producers: Maki Terashima-Furuta, Mike Lazzo, Masaya Saito
  • Animation Producer: Junichirou Kawahara
  • Production Supervisor: Katsuiji Morishita, Takayuki Oshima

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