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Smiling Friends
SM 205
Air date June 3, 2024
Director Anthony Price
Storyboards Tijmen Raasveld & Jakub Zieba

Pim and Charlie are called to help aspiring mad scientist "Professor Psychotic" create life. As Psychotic is explaining his plan, his older brother, Doug, enters to complain about Psychotic's volume, obsession with injecting DNA into eggs, and inability to find gainful employment. In the ensuing argument, Doug evicts Psychotic. Pim and Charlie mediate an intervention between the brothers, during which Psychotic accuses Doug of being addicted to painkillers and reasons that he is responsible for their mother's death. A physical altercation between the two breaks out, during which one of Psychotic's eggs hatches; the brothers resolve to set aside their differences and raise the homunculus together before sharing a tearful embrace. In a post-credits scene, Glep, Allan, and Mr. Boss cry whilst watching a sad movie, though Mr. Boss claims that he is not crying over the movie, but rather because he is unable to restore his face to normal after having transformed it into that of a dog during a gag earlier in the episode.

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