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Smiling Friends
SM 206
Air date June 10, 2024
Director David Hootselle
Storyboards David Hootselle

Pim takes Charlie to his UFO sighting group - Bill, Duncan, and Fillmore (David Firth). The meeting proves uneventful until a UFO arrives and abducts Pim, Charlie, and Bill (who is subsequently dissected and eaten). The aliens that abducted the trio are then abducted by a different alien race, who are hosting a party that Pim and Charlie unwillingly participate in. The hosts (Mike Stoklasa and Rich Evans) implore Pim and Charlie to vaporize a populated planet as a "prank", promising to take them home if they do and threatening to place them in an eternal torture chamber if they refuse. They reluctantly comply, only for the aliens to reveal that the planet was devoid of life, the torture device was fake, and the ship can't fly backwards, rendering them unable to return home. During the ensuing argument between Charlie and the aliens, police arrive to arrest them for destroying public property and disturbing the peace. As the partygoers flee, Pim and Charlie manage to hijack a flying saucer and fly back to Earth, which they discover is flat and encased in a glass dome. A post-credits scene shows that Duncan and Fillmore have been falsely imprisoned for the trio's murders.


  • The synopsis for the episode on Adult Swim's website is intentionally false, describing Pim in the plot of Mars Needs Moms (2011).
  • This is the first episode to not feature Mr. Boss, Allan Red or Glep.

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