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FLCL: Progressive
Air date July 7, 2018
Writer Hideto Iwai
Director Ikehata Hiroshi
Storyboards Ikehata Hiroshi

Our Running is the sixth and final episode of FLCL: Progressive and twelfth of the FLCL series.


Trying to get Ide back, Hidomi attacks Raharu physically first then verbally. She tells Raharu that she is acting immature because she knows that she is using Hidomi because Raharu is in love with Atomsk.


The battle between the Interstellar Immigration Bureau, Medical Mechanica, Hidomi, and Haruko continues. Haruko continues to goad Hidomi into fighting her, using her N.O. energy to build a massive birdcage with the intent to trap Atomsk. However, Atomsk proves too powerful and uses his own N.O. channel to suck Hidomi and Haruko into a different dimension. In response to Atomsk's presence, the Medical Mechanica building begins firing mochi-like projectiles into the city, trapping most of the populace. Eye Patch and Masurao are hit by one of the mochi projectiles, and Masurao tells Aiko that he doesn't intend to activate her since he knew she was gathering money to buy her own freedom from the Immigration Bureau and pleads for her to flee.

Feeling guilty, Aiko recruits Goro and Hidomi's mother to recover the flowerpot, which activates her hidden functions and opens up a direct line of communication to Hidomi through Canti's head. Hidomi takes the opportunity to make amends with her mother, telling her that they don't have to keep the cafe open to wait for her father, but simply so they can continue living together. Hidomi decides to remove her limiter to open an N.O. portal back to Earth, but cannot work up the nerve. A newly rebuilt Canti removes Hidomi's limiter for her and she turns into a Canti-like robot. Hidomi, Haruko, and Canti are able to escape back to Earth, where they discover that Canti is holding both Ide and Atomsk inside him. Both Hidomi and Haruko battle to claim Atomsk's power, culminating in them kissing Canti at the same time. Hidomi is able to rescue Ide while Haruko seemingly absorbs Atomsk. However, Haruko fails to contain his power, and both Atomsk and Jinyu are able to free themselves from her and Atomsk escapes back into space. Haruko cries in Jinyu's arms at having let Atmosk slip away again.

Meanwhile, Aiko uses her powers to completely destroy the Medical Mechanica building, returning all of the civilians back to normal. Aiko also begins developing feelings for Goro after seeing how much he cares about her. Afterwards, life returns to normal as the city rebuilds itself. Haruko and Jinyu part ways, with Haruko continuing her hunt for Atomsk. Hidomi and Ide enter a relationship, and Hidomi finally comes to terms with her insecurities.




  • Original Concept: Production I.G.
  • Executive Producers: Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Jason DeMarco, Keiji Ohta
  • Producers: Maki Terashima-Furuta, Mike Lazzo, Masaya Saito
  • Animation Producer: Junichirou Kawahara
  • Production Supervisor: Katsuiji Morishita, Takayuki Oshima

English Cast

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