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Smiling Friends
SM 207
Air date June 17, 2024
Director Jeff Liu
Storyboards Max Collins, Tijmen Raasveld, & James White

After firing an employee named Tyler, Mr. Boss informs the Friends that he must journey to the foreign country Spamtopia to purchase a magical red jewel. Pim accompanies him, as he speaks the local language, Spamish, having learned from his childhood pen pal Oscar. While obtaining the jewel from the elusive "Mr. Jester", Pim disobeys Spamtopia’s sole law by making eye contact with Mr. Jester, who, revealing himself to be the ruler of Spamtopia, sentences the two to death. However, he turns out to be Oscar and spares them after remembering Pim, ultimately eschewing the law entirely; Spamtopia thus descends into anarchy. Meanwhile, Mr. Boss has tasked Allan, Glep, and Charlie with babysitting his son Jason, but Jason inexplicably dies shortly after Mr. Boss and Pim leave. Mr. Boss is initially horrified, but uses the jewel to resurrect Jason, who sprouts butterfly wings. Charlie attempts to inquire about a manifesto he found hidden in Mr. Boss’ desk, but the glittery dust spread by Jason deafens and blinds everyone whilst triggering the building's alarms and sprinklers. In a post-credits scene, Tyler, while at a bar with Charlie, resolves to focus on a music career instead of returning to Smiling Friends.

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