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Smiling Friends
SM 208
Air date June 24, 2024
Director Paul Georghiou
Storyboards Paul Georghiou & Michael Cusack

Charlie, Glep, and Allan build a snowman named "Rotten" (Dana Snyder) out of garbage, which comes to life after Pim attaches a radioactive daffodil to his head. Pim decides to teach him how to enjoy life. He later denies Rotten's request to visit the beach, explaining that the sun will melt him; horrified at the concept of death, the snowman has an existential crisis and starts screaming non-stop. Charlie invites Bill Nye to calm him down, but Nye dies when his hot air balloon flies into nearby power lines. Charlie and Pim leave Rotten on a snowy mountain, angering a yeti who returns him to the office, claiming the snowman is distressing his family. Pim preserves Rotten by placing him in a cooler. Six months later, the Friends take Rotten to the beach, but he melts when another beachgoer accidentally knocks over the cooler. As they mourn Rotten, he suddenly reappears as an ocean wave, along with the ghost of Bill Nye. In a post-credits scene, the Friends question the logistics of Rotten's new state of being before Rotten consumes a nearby boat and sends a giant wave towards the shore while horrified beachgoers evacuate.


  • The synopsis and title for the episode on Adult Swim's website are intentionally false, instead stating that in this episode, Pim turns bright green after eating a mysterious ancient artifact, to the initial shock and horror of his friends, who eventually learn to accept his new skin color by the end of the episode

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