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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Air date November 2, 2003
Writer Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Director Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro

Master Shake discovers an underground cavern where the Broodwich, a cursed sandwich, rests. Every bite sends him to a hellish place for a few seconds, and anyone who eats the whole thing is trapped there and sliced at by a short creature with an axe. Eventually, Shake removes the sun-dried tomatoes from the sandwich, nullifying the curse. The evil voice that inhabits the Broodwich somehow convinces Shake to get "free brain surgery" and messes with his brain, then tells him to eat the tomatoes, and since his brain isn’t working properly, he does. The episode ends with Shake in the other dimension and the short creature (Jerry) bringing back his axe aimed at Shake. The scene cuts out just before contact is made.


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