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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Athf ep030 03
Air date September 28, 2003
Writer Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Director Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Athf ep030 06

The Plutonians, aboard their spaceship, have successfully traveled "eons" through use of their Stargate-type device called the Fargate (Oglethorpe insists theirs is different, as he does not want to get sued). They state that the purpose of the gate is to steal cable from the Aqua Teens. The only problem is that they have no ability to change the channel, because they have no remote control. However, the Plutonians have created their own, something they call the Universal Remonster - a small remote control creature with fur. They plan to use him to control their programming, but he quickly escapes.

The Universal Remonster begins to control the Aqua Teens' TV, and they have no idea what's happening. Finally, Frylock investigates, and turns off the TV several times, only to have it continually turn back on. Frylock then unplugs it to see what will happen, and the Universal Remonster comes into view and plugs the TV back in. The Universal Remonster becomes Shake's personal plaything. Although the Remonster is meant for TV, Shake uses it as a device to torture Meatwad. Back at their ship, the Plutonians are going crazy after the Remonster leaves because they are high on marijuana and have become paranoid from watching horror movies. Oglethorpe also starts to trip out, believing a Goa'uld is on the ship, thus making another reference to Stargate. Eventually, Frylock discovers the Fargate under their house and finds that Emory and Oglethorpe are stealing their cable. Frylock tells them that the Remonster's batteries have run out due to Shake's abuse of it. Frylock leaves, but not before blocking the exit to the Fargate with the Aqua Teens' TV. Shake, after protesting, decides to live in the crawlspace with the TV, not knowing that Frylock has bought a brand new plasma screen TV... because, even though TV is evil, they "****king need it.


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