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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Air date October 12, 2003
Writer Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Director Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro

It's Labor Day, and the Aqua Teens are barbecuing in Carl's backyard. Frylock is trying to make it a healthy holiday by barbecuing tofu T-bones, which prompts Carl to leave, but Master Shake has other ideas, bringing in an entire unprocessed cow carcass, which he killed by force-feeding it pork rolled in ranch dressing until it expired. He slathers the carcass with batter and injects it with an industrial syringe filled with molten cheese, and then plans on cooking it with an industrial size deep fryer, which he keeps on the Aqua Teens' property in their driveway.

After flash frying the cow, Frylock wants to know what Shake plans to do with the oil in the fryer. After learning that Shake will just tip the fryer over and let the oil run off into the street, Frylock tells Shake there's oil recycling facilities in the town, with one being within easy walking distance. Shake ignores Frylock, telling him to do his nails while the men eat.

A week has gone by, and the rats have found their way to the fryer, with some drowning in the oil. Frylock orders Shake to get rid of the fryer...which he tries to do by pushing the fryer into Carl's yard. Carl tries to stop Shake, but after Shake reminds him that he had eaten the cow too, they head to the forest and dump the oil there. It is then that the trees come to life and apprehend Carl, while Shake runs away.

The next day, Shake receives a summons from the Wood Court for dumping the oil in the woods. To penalize him, the Trees plant a huge tree directly in front of the Aqua Teens' house, which Shake knocks down and sets on fire, earning him another summons and an arrest by the Trees.

Shake then stands trial, originally represented by a shrub that tries to plead guilty on Shake's behalf, before Frylock takes the position as his lawyer. During the trial the trees punish Carl by using his skin as a pad of Post-it notes. After a scene where the trial is proven to be a farce, and which Shake rips the arms off his shrub lawyer, Frylock finally reveals in the Tree Law book the page that proves Shake is innocent. However, since the book is made from paper (historically made from trees), the Trees immediately go after Frylock, who blows up the forest and hauls Shake and the rest out of there...to the chagrin of Shake, who wants to know why Frylock didn't do it before. After Frylock says Shake was lucky he got off because the trees were stupid, Shake declares he will find the real criminals. Once they get home, Shake says he will find the true vandals, while having his front yard paved over with asphalt. When Meatwad asks how Shake plans to pay for having his yard paved over, he closes the curtains, and tells the others to hide in the closet.


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