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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Air date November 30, 2003
Writer Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Director Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro

Carl, screening the Aqua Teen's calls, doesn't answer his phone when Master Shake calls to inform Carl about his not liking the pH levels in the pool, but using it. Assuming that Carl isn't home, they decide to go over and use the pool, only to find that Carl has installed a state-of-the-art laser security grid around his house, which obliterates intruders upon impact. Carl is excited that it can be seen from space.

Meanwhile, in space, DP (also known as Donkey Puncher, Donkey Puncherillo, D to the P, King Donko of Punchstainia) - who often repeats that his dad owns a dealership - and Skeeter, members of a space college fraternity, are flying drunk and crash into the Plutonians' ship. After realizing no one is aboard the ship, they notice Carl's security grid and head for South Jersey, crash-landing in the street in front of Carl's house with a frat pledge, Ass Head, in tow.

DP unsuccessfully solicits sex from Frylock and Meatwad, whose sexuality is called into question by Shake for the remainder of the episode. DP then vomits and passes out on the Aqua Teens' front lawn. Skeeter leaves DP on the lawn and flies away in his ship.

DP awakes, unaware of where he is and wants to "wake and bake", asking if William Holden and Holden Caulfield came to the party. Which Frylock replies that "we don't do that here". DP tells the Aqua Teens that he has a lung tattoo, which "hurt like eight bitches on a bitch boat". Shake takes a liking to DP, to DP's annoyance. Frylock discovers from which star system DP hails and contacts Skeeter, who says he can't retrieve him. Frylock crafts a rocket out of spare parts lying around and tries to launch DP back to his home, but his makeshift rocket crashes into Carl's house, causing the lasers to fire and obliterate DP.

The Plutonians return to their ship to find the damage, then are sucked into space.


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