Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Air date October 19, 2003
Writer Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Director Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro

It's Meatwad's birthday, and Master Shake can't stand "Happy Birthday To You". He commissioned a new heavy-metal song co-written by him, Zakk Wylde, and Geddy Lee titled "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary," which is intended to replace the original birthday song. Frylock is shocked to discover that the entire endeavor cost $1.4 million, Shake having bought expensive things on Zakk's dime and expects the song to be a hit so he can cash in royalties to pay off the project. Unfortunately, not only do Frylock and Meatwad hate the song, nobody else likes nor wants to buy it, putting Shake in deep financial trouble. After a failed attempt to sell the house, and a furious Zakk Wylde showing up and injuring him, Shake has Zakk play the song at a pizza place along with two scorpion animatronics in a bid to pay off everything, which only makes matters worse.


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