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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Carl 313
Air date October 24, 2004
Writer Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Director Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro


Meatwad leaves his dolls with Carl while the Aqua Teens go on vacation to Panama City, Florida. A crudely drawn and incomprehensible message was scratched into Carl's house with instructions on taking care of Dewey, Vanessa, and Boxy Brown. Being incomprehensible, Carl's only response to reading the note is, 'All right, what the *car alarm activation* does this say?" before Meatwad gives him a call explaining what he said in the message.

Meatwad's in Panama City trying to scare up some money for his stand-up comedy act, which he calls Meatwad Unplugged: No Buns Allowed, when he calls Carl to chat with him, and explain to him what the incomprehensible message etched into his house says. After Carl cannot get any explanation of the message besides "It's about feedin' dolls, or somethin'", he decides to "cool off" Meatwad's dolls with some gasoline, which he then throws a match into, lighting them and the bush they're tied to on fire. To douse the flame, Carl pees on them.

After awhile, Carl decides to go in his pool (which he hasn't cleaned in quite a while), and farts while inside. Realizing that there was no one around to see it happen, Carl gets mad and decides to record himself farting in the pool. However, he can't do it..."It's too much pressure!", he says.

Out of his complete boredom and solitude, Carl decides to start talking to Meatwad's dolls, explaining the virtues of peeing into a coffee can to save water. After that his lunch, some lo mein from a Chinese take-out place comes, and he dumps his urine out in the yard and fails to tip the delivery man more than five cents. After trying to get the delivery man to come in and hang out with him, Carl calls him an asshole and threatens to call his supervisor.

Carl then decides that he won't eat with the chopsticks he was given, and then doesn't feel like walking to the kitchen to get a fork...so he just starts eating the lo mein with his hands, causing the sauce to drip on his chest. "No harm, no foul," he says.

Furthering his loneliness, Carl decides to pick up the phone and start calling some of his former high school classmates from the Class of 1981 (at 2:00 AM), calling his former crush, Donna Bryson, who hangs up on him. ("That's what your mom said, before I shaved her back!") Carl is so lonely that he even decides to call Denise Zambrano, a fat girl from the high school flag team who had a unibrow.

Meanwhile, down in Florida, Frylock tells a sunburned Shake that if he gets lucky down at the clambake the hotel is holding, Shake will have to sleep on the beach because he will need the bed. Shake then promptly throws the bed out the window, squishing Meatwad.

Back in South Jersey, Carl's loneliness has reached the point where he has called a phone sex line, but refuses to accept the charges that they are making him pay...on his phone. Carl goes next door to the Aqua Teen's House to continue the conversation (and make the Aqua Teens pay his bill), but is caught by Frylock's security robot, Rudy, who flies down to Florida to get the Aqua Teens and tell them what Carl is doing. Carl's curiosity then leads him into Frylock's room, where a woman's hand reaches through a strange inter-dimensional portal. Carl plays with the strange device, only to have his entire skin ripped off by the hand, leaving him standing alone in horror, with his muscles and organs exposed. This was all done by the Amazing Mongrel, an inter-dimensional being who apparently works as some kind of magician for some otherworldly circus in another realm of existence.

In Florida, the Aqua Teens have finally met some women: Amber, a fat foodaholic woman in a bikini, and her friend Stacy, a woman with hairy legs and a halo neck brace, which also holds her broken arms. Unfortunately for Frylock, who was asking out the halo wearer, his date gets blown up by Rudy, who thought she was trying to rob Frylock. After Meatwad sets the area on fire with illegal fireworks he got from a store across the street, they finally return home, where Meatwad is threatened with death by Boxy if he ever leaves him with Carl again. Frylock goes into his room and discovers what has happened to Carl, who is slowly dying due to infectious exposure to the air, without the aid of his skin to protect himself. Carl refuses to move, suffering in pain and shock from the injury. He then gets blown up by an angry Rudy, who guns him down with a minigun that protrudes from his chest. Frylock tries to stop him but it is too late. Carl is reduced to a puddle of blood and tissue. Meanwhile, Shake is now flirting with the female hand that emerges from the inter-dimensional portal, only for Mongrel to pull Shake's skin off. This prompts Shake to remark that his sunburn feels better. Again, Frylock tries to step in but it is too late. Shake then gets blown up by Rudy because Meatwad told him he took his wallet.




Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, Carl Brutananadilewski, Ignignokt, Err, Boxy Brown, Dewey, Vanessa, Rudy, The Amazing Mongol, Amber, Stacy