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Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Air date December 22, 2006
Writer Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Director Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro


Meatwad responds to an ad in the newspaper and gets a job at "Carl's Car Wash," standing out on the highway in front of it waving and dancing to attract business (but only gets cups full of coke thrown at him). The proprietors of the business, a large floating human-like brain named Carl and his son Carl Jr. (who talks in quick gibberish), feel their business is failing since Meatwad can only shape shift into a hot dog or an igloo. Meatwad gets some help from Frylock in trying some new shapes, but eventually gives up. He instead takes Master Shake's advice and tries unsuccessfully to antagonize their neighbor Carl into getting his car washed, by turning into a fist extending his middle finger then asking if he is a dumbass who's gonna get his ass whupped. Only when Shake completely covers Carl's car with dirt does he take it to the car wash. This a rare instance of Shake helping Meatwad without an ulterior motive or for personal gain (except perhaps the joy he gets from tormenting Carl).

At the car wash, Meatwad has him lie down on a gurney with an oxygen mask as they both watch his car go through the wash: first getting the first half brushed, then covered in "dumpster juice" (which is a combination of rain water and garbage, and is very acidic, and very harsh on the paint job), then cat urine, then getting smashed with hammers, then being repainted in a 'color of their choosing'. When Carl protests, gas pumps into the room, and Carl and Carl Jr. arrive and, after pointing out that he, his son, and Carl have the exact same name, demand his brain be removed (a demand which shocks Meatwad). Later, Carl, with a giant hole in his head, kneels by his completely defiled car, mindlessly licking it. Shake condones this, offering him a knife to remove his jaw so he can eat the car. Frylock eventually discovers what has happened, and despite Meatwad's insistence that he may lose his job if they cause trouble, they all go to the car wash. The brains have Carl's brain propped up by the highway, and are upset that it is not responding to their orders. When Carl (the floating brain) explains his plan of taking people's brains to work at the car wash, Frylock dismisses it as "retarded." Before Frylock can do anything about it, the brains leave, saying they are closed, but before they go, inform them they will open at ten the next day.




Master Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, Carl Brutananadilewski, Carl and Carl Jr.