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Boston was produced and originally intended to air as the first episode of season five of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It was pulled from air by Adult Swim to avoid further controversy after the Boston Bomb Scare, during which Cartoon Network incurred costs by way of settlement after the incident. As part of the settlement, which resolves any potential civil or criminal claims against the companies, Turner and Interference agreed to pay $2 million: $1 million to go to the Boston Police Department and $1 million to the Department of Homeland Security. This was in addition to the companies' apologies, which local authorities deemed too little as announced by Dan Conley, district attorney for Suffolk County, Massachusetts, in a speech on NECN, saying the people who are responsible for this "reckless stunt", are liable for the havoc it caused to both the city and the region.

In a 2008 interview Dave Willis confirmed that the episode is a response to the 2007 Bomb Scare. In the interview Willis also revealed that three different versions of the episode do exist; when asked if the episode will ever air, or become available to the public, Willis indirectly said no.

In 2015 an unfinished version of "Boston" was illegally leaked online. The episode has still never been aired and has never been formally released to the public in any format legally by Adult Swim. Paul F. Tompkins makes a guest appearance in it. Matt Maiellaro has claimed this is his favorite episode favorite episode. The only mention of "Boston", aside from it being mentioned by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, is an episode page on the official website, but the episode simply features a question mark, in place of an actual description of the episode . This marks the first time an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force has been prevented from airing, no other episodes have been pulled since.