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Samurai Jack
Air date March 18, 2017
Writer Bryan Andrews
Genndy Tartakovsky

Aku has grown tired of pursuing Jack and is starting to give up hope of ever defeating him, especially since he has stopped aging. As Jack continues to travel alone, he destroys a giant beetle drone with ease. Shortly after, the Daughters of Aku overwhelm and disarm Jack; while hiding from them, he hallucinates an argument with himself about the point of keeping on living and fighting. Jack also argues about his attackers, believing them to be machines. He flees to a nearby temple ruin, pursued by the Daughters, and the pursuit turns into a losing battle as they prove superior in combat. One of them stabs him in the side as he kills her, and it is here that Jack learns they are human. Horrified at her death, Jack destroys the temple with Scaramouch's sonic dagger and escapes into a river flowing past it, falling unconscious in the process. The episode's climax is an homage to the musical composition "The Ecstasy of Gold".


  • Phil LaMarr
  • Greg Baldwin
  • Chris Parnell


Jack, Aku, Host, Mud Alien, Scientist, Daughters of Aku

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