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The Venture Bros.
Air date August 5, 2018
Writer Jackson Publick
Director Juno Lee
Jackson Publick (Supervising)
Storyboards Alex Kwan
Gabriel Lee
Brandon McKinney
Stephan Park

The Venture Bros. & The Curse of the Haunted Problem is the first episode of the seventh season of The Venture Bros., and the 72nd of the series


The Venture headquarters is either possessed, just regular haunted, or suffering from a computer glitch; Dr. Orpheus and the Order of the Triad are called upon to unlock the mystery.


When the computer systems of VenTech Tower are infected by a mysterious computer virus, Dr. Venture tasks Billy and White with tracking down the source of the problem. Meanwhile, Hank's burgeoning relationship with Sirena is threatened by the intervention of her father Wide Wale, who wishes to keep an outsider away from his family. In order to get closer to Sirena, Hank creates a new persona and asks to join Wide Wale's syndicate. Wide Wale decides to offer him a chance to join, but asks Hank to first prove himself by killing the Blue Morpho, who has been captured by Wide Wale's organization. An offhand comment about the virus by Billy causes the original Team Venture to rush to VenTech Tower, where they reveal the horrifying truth to Dr. Venture — the ProBLEM Light from Gargantua-1, which was recovered by J.J. and placed in VenTech Tower as a decorative piece, contains the remains of Jonas Sr.'s body and has been maintaining his life over the decades he was believed to be dead; Jonas is the source of the "virus." Just as Dr. Venture is reunited with his father, a disturbed White breaks in and smashes some of Jonas's mechanical organs, causing Jonas to go on a rampage.



  • This episode premiered on the 2018 Adult Swim On The Green tour.
  • The song that plays during the glitch in the Venture headquarters freakout is "Street Life" by The Crusaders.


  • Producer: Jennifer Ray
  • Music by: J.G. Thirlwell
  • Producer for Williams Street: Ollie Green
  • Executive Producer for Williams Street: Keith Crofford, Mike Lazzo



Dr. Venture, Jonas Venture, Jr., Brock Sampson, Dean Venture, Hank Venture, Pete White, Sgt. Hatred, Col. Gentleman, Action Man, Billy Quizboy, Rose, Rocco, Wide Wale, Boy, Whale Lice Henchman 2, Sirena, Military Ghosts, Dr. Byron Orpheus, Vincenzo, Jefferson Twilight, Alchemist, Bonibozo Tribesman, Hector, Swifty, Whale Lice Henchman 1, Jonas Venture, Sr.

Background Characters[]

Scamp 1, Victims of The Great Venture Millinery Fire


  • James Urbaniak as Dr. Venture and Jonas Venture, Jr.
  • Patrick Warburton as Brock Sampson
  • Mike Sinterniklaas as Dean Venture
  • Chris McCulloch as Hank Venture, Pete White, Sgt. Hatred, Col. Gentleman and Action Man
  • Doc Hammer as Billy Quizboy and Rose
  • Mark Gagliardi as Rocco
  • Hal Lublin as Wide Wale, Boy and Whale Lice Henchman 2
  • Cristin Milioti as Sirena and Military Ghosts
  • Steven Rattazzi as Dr. Byron Orpheus and Vincenzo
  • Charles Parnell as Jefferson Twilight
  • Dana Snyder as Alchemist and Bonizobo Tribesman
  • Brendon Small as Hector, Swifty, and Whale Lice Henchman 2
  • Paul Boocock as Jonas Venture, Sr.

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