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The Venture Bros.
Air date August 20, 2018
Writer Jackson Publick
Director Juno Lee
Barry J. Kelly (Co-director)

Arrears in Science is the third episode of the seventh season of The Venture Bros., and the 74th of the series.


The Morphic Trilogy reaches its conclusion in a decades-spanning tale of friendship, betrayal and mass murder that overwrites Venture history.


Jonas' rampage is halted by Vendata, who has dressed as the Blue Morpho and commandeered the Morphomobile. It is revealed in flashback that during the OSI's raid on Don Hell's nightclub, Brock damaged Vendata's programming, triggering memories of his life as the original Blue Morpho and prompting him to return to New York in search of Jonas. Vendata plugs himself into the VenTech mainframe and meets with Jonas inside the computer. Jonas and the Blue Morpho (real name: Don Fitzcarraldo) had originally been close friends, though it is revealed this relationship became strained as Jonas began blackmailing Don to do his dirty work and eventually impregnated his wife with the Monarch after Don's apparent display of infertility, making the Monarch Jonas' son and Rusty's brother. When Don and his wife were killed in a plane crash, Jonas resurrected him as the cyborg Venturion, and was subsequently reprogrammed as Vendata by Dr. Z.

Meanwhile, Red Death explains to Brock and the Council of 13 that he participated in a raid on Gargantua-1 alongside Vendata. Upon entering the station, Vendata apparently deactivated the airlock, forcing the entire crew including Jonas into space, killing them. Back at VenTech, the Monarch and Gary break into the foyer with the intent of killing Vendata and framing him as the man responsible for the deaths of the villains killed by them and Red Death. Jonas and Don begin to attack one another within the computer, causing Vendata's rockets to activate, sending both Vendata and the ProBLEM machine containing Jonas' head flying through the air. Recognising his father, the Monarch chases them and is caught in their flight. Though the Monarch's landing is cushioned by an enormous Rusty Venture balloon inflated for the Thanksgiving Day parade, Vendata and Jonas are both killed by the fall. A confused Monarch is hailed a hero by the Council for killing the Blue Morpho, and the Venture family gathers to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade the next day. OSI asks Rusty to turn Jonas's head over to them for "research".



  • Producer: Jennifer Ray
  • Music by: J.G. Thirlwell
  • Producer for Williams Street: Ollie Green
  • Executive Producer for Williams Street: Keith Crofford, Mike Lazzo



Dr. Venture, The Monarch, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Brock Sampson, Dean Venture, Hank Venture, Henchman 21, Pete White, Sgt. Hatred, Red Mantle, Vendata, Red Death, Billy Quizboy, Jefferson Twilight, Dr. Byron Orpheus, Alchemist

Background characters[]

The Blue Morpho, Col. Gentleman, Phantom Limb, Action Man, Dragoon, Dr. Z, Kano, Enzo, Young Budy Manstrong, Laugh Riot, Stab Girl, Mrs. Fitzcarraldo


  • James Urbaniak as Dr. Venture, Phantom Limb and Jonas Venture Jr.
  • Patrick Warburton as Brock Sampson
  • Mike Sinterniklaas as Dean Venture
  • Chris McCulloch as Hank Venture, Pete White, Sgt. Hatred, The Monarch, General Hunter Gathers, Col. Gentleman, Action Man, Dragoon, Dr. Z and Kano
  • Doc Hammer as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Red Mantle, Vendata, Billy Quizboy and 21
  • Clancy Brown as Red Death
  • Paul F. Thompkins as The Blue Morpho and Parade Announcer 1
  • Mark Gagliardi as Enzo, Cop, and Young Buddy Manstrong
  • Cristin Milioti as Stab Girl and Mrs. Fitzcarraldo
  • Steven Rattazzi as Dr. Byron Orpheus
  • Charles Parnell as Jefferson Twilight
  • Dana Snyder as Alchemist and Parade Announcer 2
  • Paul Boocock as Jonas Venture, Sr. and Laugh Riot

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