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The Venture Bros.
Air date September 2, 2018

The Inamorata Consequence is the fifth episode of the seventh season of The Venture Bros., and the 76th of the series.


The OSI, Guild of Calamitous Intent and Venture family gather at the remains of the Venture Compound for the signing of the Treaty of Tolerance: an agreement ensuring that the OSI and Guild can maintain a stable relationship of aggression and opposition. While Rusty oversees the renegotiation of the treaty, Dean goes to visit Ben's cabin, while Hank is led away by an OSI operative revealed to be Dermott (who despite having no formal combat training was allowed to join the OSI after his father, Rusty, put in a good word for him). At Ben's cabin, Dean discovers a red H.E.L.P.eR model capable of speech. H.E.L.P.eR Model Two briefly expresses concern that he has let slip Dean is a clone and explains that the H.E.L.P.er bots were mass produced by Jonas Venture before an event referred to as "the Great Recalling" where they were destroyed by the public or otherwise decommissioned (leaving only himself and the original H.E.L.P.eR).

Back at the Venture Compound, Hank and Dermott reflect on old times before they are interrupted by an OSI operative and a Guild Stranger who have entered the hanger to have sex, though this is cut short when the OSI operative discovers the letters "PP" on the Stranger's belt (misinterpreted as "pee-pee" by Hank and Dermott). Meanwhile, the OSI and Guild have become increasingly hostile as the night has progressed, with both sides unable to agree to the other's terms. Eventually Rusty snaps and demands that, regardless of what each side considers fair, the two organizations must come to some kind of agreement. The OSI and Guild begrudgingly agree, and the revised treaty is finally signed. As Dean prepares to leave, H.E.L.P.er Model Two refers to him as "Rusty", implying either that like his son, Rusty is a clone or that Dean is a clone of his father. With this knowledge, Dean reconciles with his father while Dr. Mrs The Monarch realizes that "PP" are the initials of a rival organization, the Peril Partnership, and that the Guild has a mole in its ranks.


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