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The Venture Bros.
Air date September 9, 2018
Writer Doc Hammer
Director Juno Lee

The Bellicose Proxy is the sixth episode of the seventh season of The Venture Bros., and the 77th of the series.


The Monarch and Gary enroll as teachers in the Big Villain program with the Guild of Calamitous Intent in order to improve their rank. Eventually they to decide to train Augustus St. Cloud, a rank 1, in the ways of villainy upon realising that his position as Billy's arch will allow them to get close to Rusty. Billy and Pete begin receiving death threats from St. Cloud as part of the Guild's standard hazing routine, prompting Rusty and Brock to train the pair in preparation for any actual aggression they might face. St. Cloud proves to be an incredibly ineffective arch, displaying no discernible intelligence or skill, aside from his enormous wealth. He is unable to make a menacing entrance, cannot perform an effective evil laugh and his mission to gather intel on Billy ends in his violent assault at the hands of Colonel Gentleman and Billy's mother Rose.

Meanwhile, S-464 agrees to become a double agent for the Guild, and with the help of Dr. Mrs The Monarch, Dr. Z, Watch and Ward, attempts to win back Kimberly. Dr. Mrs The Monarch decides to use St. Cloud's arching of Billy and Pete to stage a meeting between the two; swapping out St. Cloud's rank 1 lightning rifle with a rank 6, violating the Treaty of Tolerance, and prompting Kimberly to intervene, thus providing S-464 with a chance to make amends. The arching goes disastrously, with St. Cloud eventually gassing himself and Billy and Pete with mildly hallucinogenic laughing gas (leading Billy and Pete to believe that they had an enormous fight with St. Cloud), however S-464 successfully rekindles his relationship with Kimberly.


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