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The Venture Bros.
Air date September 16, 2018
Writer Jackson Publick
Director Juno Lee
Barry J. Kelly

The Unicorn in Captivity is the seventh episode of the seventh season of The Venture Bros., and the 78th of the series.


Rusty, Pete and Billy successfully create a teleportation device which they accidentally test on The Pirate Captain, thus proving its efficiency. A member of a supervillain team led by Copycat spies the device and reports the successful test to his team before he is crushed by Brock. The Monarch reluctantly accepts to fill in for the recently deceased member in a heist on VenTech to secure the device (despite knowing nothing about the heist or what his role will be) on the promise that his rank will be bumped up. An elated Rusty is cautioned by Hunter Gathers that he must destroy the teleporters for fear of disrupting the world order. Unable to convince him, Gathers introduces Rusty to a council of anonymous, shadowy figures who claim to be the true leaders of the world. They invite Rusty to meet them in person, promising him wealth and limitless power, explaining that he will see things their way by the end of the night. Rusty discovers that the meeting is an enormous masked orgy where a collection of the world's elite engage in debauchery and cannibalism.

Horrified, Rusty flees into a courtyard where he meets a naked Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (though he is unable to place her because of her mask) who tells him to wait for her in the tapestry room. Waiting for her to arrive, Rusty is instead greeted by a red-robed figure who tells him that the world is a better place under their careful control, and reiterates his offer to Rusty in the form of "The Lady" (Dr. Mrs. The Monarch). If Rusty refuses, the figure presents him with the option of "Tiger" (a hulking figure wearing a bladed strap-on dildo), pointing out that in this world "it's fuck or be fucked". The heist on VenTech ends disastrously, with Gary discovering that Copycat simply used Monarch and the rest of the villains (most of whom wind up killed) as a distraction so that him and his doubles could successfully make off with the teleporters while Brock and Hatred are distracted. However, through sheer accident, The Monarch and Gary are able to escape into the subway with both teleporters. Rusty accepts the figure's offer and begins to participate in the orgy, not realizing that everything he saw that night, including the sex he is currently enjoying, was nothing more than a simulation set up by Brock and Gathers, who quips: "Get 'em laid and they think they're masters of the universe!"



  • Producer: Jennifer Ray
  • Music by: J.G. Thirlwell
  • Producer for Williams Street: Ollie Green
  • Executive Producer for Williams Street: Keith Crofford, Mike Lazzo



Dr. Venture, Brock Sampson, The Monarch, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Henchman 21, Presto Change-O, Illuminati 1, Copycat, Tunnel Vision, Dot Com. Ramburglar

Background Characters[]

Pirate Captain, Sgt. Hatred, Pete White, General Hunter Gathers, Roy Brisby, Billy Quizboy, Receptionist, Tiger, Tiny Eagle


  • James Urbaniak as Dr. Venture
  • Patrick Warburton as Brock Sampson
  • Chris McCulloch as The Monarch, Pirate Captain, Sgt. Hatred, Pete White, Gen. Hunter Gathers, Roy Brisby, Valet
  • Doc Hammer as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, 21 and Billy Quizboy
  • Mark Hamill as Presto Change-O and Illuminati 1
  • Toby Huss as Copycat
  • Hal Lublin as Tunnel Vision, Bartender and Tiny Eagle
  • Mark Gagliardi as Ramburglar, Illuminati 2 and 3
  • Annie Savage Dot Com and Receptionist

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