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Premiere May 14, 2007
Finale August 17, 2008
Seasons 1
Episodes 10

Fat Guy Stuck in Internet is an Adult Swim original series created by John Gemberling and Curtis Gwinn, it is based on the duo's previous web-series, Gembering.

It is one of the first fully live-action shows to be produced by Williams Street to air on the network, the series was renamed from it's original title Gemberling by Adult Swim, which they mention in an interview with The New Yorker not liking.[1]

The story revolves around Ken Gemberling,an arrogant computer designer,who gets himself accidentally sucked into the internet after pouring beer on his keyboard, the Evil CEO of the company then hires bounty hunter, Chains to retrieve him. While inside he meets Bit and Byte, a male and female who live in the internet fighting viruses.


A computer programmer is sucked into the internet, where an evil C.E.O. tracks him down with the help of a bounty hunter.