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Premiere March 7, 2010

Freaknik: The Musical (Often shortened to just Freaknik) is a musical special produced by Carl Jones. The special premiered March 7, 2010 and features the voices of rappers T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Young Cash, Snoop Dogg, Sophia Fresh, Rick Ross and comedians Andy Samberg and Charlie Murphy.


The movie starts in at a party in which a group of teenagers claims it is the best party they have ever attended, until an elderly man enters and tells them the history of Freaknik. He tells them it was the biggest party of all time, until it was broken up by the police, whom he claims killed Freaknik. The group is then led by the old man in summoning Freaknik, who appears as The Ghost Of Freaknik Past.

The scene changes to a radio station that is interviewing Freaknik, who says that Freaknik is back. He also says that a rapping contest will be held, the victor of which gets a lifetime supply of money, clothes and hos. The scene changes once more to the bedroom of Virgil, Big Uzi and Lit Skinn'd, collectively known as the Sweet Tea Mobsters, a group of teenage rappers from Sweet Tea, Florida, who hope to achieve fame. The group decides to drive to Atlanta to participate in the aforementioned contest, along with their weed smoking (And supplying) friend Doela Man.

During their journey Lite Skinn'd tells of a secret society of African Americans called the Boule, fraternity parlance for a council of noblemen, that seeks to guide the course of black culture. The members of this organization are parodies of Oprah, Al Sharpton, Bill Cosby, Russell Simmons, O.J. Simpson and Jesse Jackson.

The Sweet Tea Mobsters make a number of pit stops, including a detour at a college fraternity party where they meet two alcoholic fraternity members. At the party the group meets the Fruit Bowl Boys, who later become the group’s biggest competition and are from the mostly white suburbs of Sweet Tea, Florida (Although they ironically resemble the Sweet Tea Mobsters). On their long, winding road trip, the Sweet Tea Mob gets lost in New Orleans and is confronted by a gangster who makes them see his boss Trap Jesus. Upon meeting Trap Jesus the group loses hope, thinking it is the end, but instead he inspires them to compete and gives them one of his many Lamborghinis to use to get to Atlanta. However, they crash the lamborghini after Big Uzi was enraged at the Fruit Bowl Boys for rapping about his jail experience. The group gives up except Virgil who believes that it's their destiny. The rest of the group still doesn't believe tham until they are given a ride in an airplane by the Flying Malcoms.

Meanwhile, the Freaknik character is elected the ghost mayor of Atlanta and dubs the city Freaknation. Soon after, President Barack Obama hands the presidency over to the ghost of Freaknik, a move that greatly angers the Oprah-looking leader of the Boule who wants to see Freaknik destroyed. She then devises a plan to send a giant robotic monster called the Perminator (A robotic version of Al Sharpton) to Atlanta to destroy Freaknik. Meanwhile at the party the Fruit Bowl Boys begin singing Shank Ya in The Shower. At this time the Sweet Tea Mobsters arrive at Atlanta, right about the same time the Perminator begins to attack.

He seems to have Freaknik down for the count, but mass love from the crowd empowers Freaknik by having him grow to a monstrous size and using the love of his fans, he is able to destroy the Perminator. After the fight, Freaknik hands the prize of the contest over to the Sweet Tea Mobsters, but Virgil refuses it and tears the check in half. He tells Freaknik that he doesn't need it as long as Freaknik comes back every year, however before Freaknik can respond, he is taken away by a dog shaped spaced craft named the Mothership Connection, that is inhabited by three brightly colored aliens (George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and the spirit of P-Funk) and it is implied that Freaknik himself is from another planet. The Aliens ask Freaknik to come with them and travel the Galaxy to Use Freaknik's power of positivity to bring joy in the galaxy, the aliens also promise that Freaknik will return someday and they can funk it up again once again. Before he goes with the Aliens, Freaknik gives Virgil his diamond chain and says Atlanta will always be his home. A woman approaches Freaknik telling him that her baby (Who looks just like Freaknik) needs a daddy, which frightens Freaknik to the point he rushes on aboard the ship. Djay Thanksgiving claims how crazy it be when Freaknik comes in town and too see them all next (Implying that there will be a sequel). Freaknik is then seen dancing on the ship.

At the end of the movie, Virgil and the Sweet Tea Mob are shown patching up the check they won.


Freaknik: The Musical was originally a pilot for a full-time series entitled That Crook'd 'Sipp. After That Crook'd 'Sipp premiered and was greenlit for a full season, the show was scrapped and then retooled into Freaknik. Freaknik was an hour long special, instead of a full-fledged series.


  • T-Pain as The Ghost Of Freaknik Past
  • Young Cash as Virgil
  • Rick Ross as Big Uzi
  • Cee-Lo Green as Lite Skinn'd
  • DJ Pooh as Doela Man
  • Lil' Jon as The Foreboding Old Dude
  • DJ Drama as Himself
  • Kelis as Tyra Banks
  • Sophia Fresh as Leacosia, Toprameneesha and Obamaniqua
  • Andy Samberg as Chad
  • Bill Hader as Tad
  • Affion Crockett as Play, Riff, Russel Simmons, Flying Malcom #1 and Additional Voices
  • Kel Mitchell as Fruit Bowl Boys Member, Bill Cosby and Additional Voices
  • Big Boi as The Preacher
  • Snoop Dogg as Gang Member #1
  • Mack Maine as Gang Member #2
  • Lil Wayne as Trap Jesus
  • Charlie Murphy as Al Sharpton and The Perminator
  • George Clinton as Himself
  • Bootsy Collins as Himself
  • Corey Burton as The Newscaster and The Dukes of Hazzard Announcer
  • Natalie Desselle-Reid as Doela Man's mother
  • Georgette Perna as The Secretary
  • Christopher 'Kid' Reid as Himself
  • Maronzio Vance as Jesse Jackson
  • Marlin Hill as Barack Obama
  • Carl Jones as a landlord and a partygoer
  • Liz Benoit as as Oprah Winfrey
  • Denzel Whitaker as a member of the Fruit Bowl Boys
  • Georgette Perna as secretary and girl
  • Reggie Boyland as a partygoer


A month week after the premeire of Freaknik, which recieved highly positive reviews, T-Pain announced that an as-of-yet untitled sequel is in the works and tenatively set for a 2011 premiere. While T-Pain has announced the sequel, there has been no word on the issue from Adult Swim, Williams Street, Titmouse, Inc. or creators Carl Jones and Nick Weidenfeld.