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First Appearance Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Performer Carey Means

Frylock is the central protagonist of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

He's a red box of french fries sporting a goatee, dental braces, and a blue mystic jewel embedded in his back. The jewel is said to be the Amulet of Idahockalise in the Space Ghost episode The Baffler Meal. The jewel is said to give Frylock 'the power of 1000 suns.' He also calls upon the Power of Idahockalise in a deleted scene from Rabbot. He uses his fries to grip things and occasionally as 'Frydar'. Frylock is scientifically-minded and conducts experiments in his room, which contains his library, supercomputer (which Shake purchased, but avoided actually paying for), cloner, and various other lab equipment. He is the most intellectual of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters, and also attempts to provide the others with some sense of morality.

Frylock's comedic role is usually that of the straight man and he acts as the voice of reason to a fault. He is the foil to Master Shake's extravagant mistakes, though he is sometimes subject to a certain amount of hubris. He defends Meatwad and tries to keep peace with Carl. Although the detective aspect was dropped long ago, Frylock at times still acts as a detective, investigating strange matters (e.g. the hypno-germs, Carl's wig) that don't interest the other Aqua Teens. He also once reminded Meatwad after being jailed for a failed shoplifting attempt that he was "a detective and sworn to uphold the law." He also stated in the episode Spacegate World that he was a virgin. Frylock has exhibited a bondage fetish in some episodes.

While Master Shake frequently annoys Frylock with his exploits, Frylock still seems to consider Master Shake as a friend and almost takes the role of big brother to Master Shake (much like Frylock acts as a father figure to Meatwad). One of the only (if not the only) examples in which Frylock openly abandons Shake is in the episode "The" in which Frylock moves out after a particularly annoying stunt of Master Shake's.

Frylock possesses several supernatural powers, which may emanate from the mystic jewel in his back. Among them are the ability to levitate (his only demonstrated form of movement), the ability to shoot projectiles such as lasers, fireballs, telekinetic beams, and even fire extinguisher foam out of his eyes. He also possesses a Frydar (a fry that spins like a radar dish) that can pick up most frequencies or locations. On occasion, his Frydar has also been utilized to scope out characteristics (in Bus of the Undead, he used his Frydar to search for vampires). In one episode, he also transformed one of his fries into a machete, though this was in virtual reality. Frylock has a poster of an anatomical diagram of himself entitled Visible Frylock, hung in his room. He has claimed to not have a stomach.

Frylock is the only principal character to have not died during the series' run (a version of Frylock was killed inside of a virtual reality sequence in one episode). However, in one episode, Party All The Time, Frylock did suffer from melanoma, which nearly killed him. Frylock dies in the series final episode, as his back jewel gets weaker due to old age and finally burns out.