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Gēmusetto (Stylized as ゲームセット) is an American adult animated series created by Max Simonet, that premiered on April 1, 2019 on Adult Swim. The first season, titled Gēmusetto Machu Picchu (Stylized as ゲ–ムセット Machu Picchu), follows the exploits of Makasu, a sportsman and relic thief, who constantly challenges the gods of several different religions for their relics and his companion Back Pocket Dimension Flying Bear, on their quest to gain the treasures of the Inca-gods all the while he is chased by Bendy Rivers, a member of Interpol tasked with stopping Makasu.

The first season parodies anime-style shows, intentionally using rather strange and amateurish animation, constantly shifting quality in drawing-style, as well as rather off-beat and crass humor. The program also features several other segments in between episodes and parts such as alternate openings for each part, educational material regarding the different Inca-gods, flashback-segments of past challenges Makasu has faced and fake toy-commercials promoting the program.


Sportsman/relic thief Makasu travels the world defeating religious pantheons in sports and stealing their mystical artifacts.