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First Appearance Dream Corp LLC
The Leak
Performer Cleo King

General Jim Joynose, also known as Patient 13, is a patient of Dream Corp LLC and the first non-regular character to appear twice in the series.

General Jim is a female with a male name, because, according to her, her father wanted a boy. She first appears at the end of the Season 1 finale episode The Leak, demanding to see Dr. Roberts, after most of the chaos has unfolded. 88 greets her and in a strange moment for him, takes on the receptionist role that Joey usually took. General Jim identifies herself as a member of United States Military, Special Divisions, in a manner initially suggesting she is there on official business. The episode ends without resolution to that premise and in an interesting and unusual break of continuity for the show, she is not seen again until Episode 3 of the second season, Accordion Jim. There is room for speculation and debate here, but this may be an indication that the second season episodes were not aired in the creators' originally intended order.

Oddly, in The Leak, General Jim is dressed in a black uniform not in current regular issue by any branch of the U.S. military and the uniform top she does have bears rank of not General, but ranks of Corporal (An outdated or possibly foreign form of the rank at that), Staff Sergeant (With a diamond normally associated with First Sergeant rank, not Staff Sergeant), Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel, which in the real-life U.S. Military would never be worn together on the same uniform. Her top also bears the caltrop insignia of the U.S. Army III Corps Division based in Fort Cavazos (also known formerly as Fort Hood), Texas. In other words, her uniform is an inauthentic mess. It is not clear whether this is due to lack of understanding of military uniform on the part of the show's costume designers, or an intentional effort to convey something else, perhaps a military delusion for the character.

To add to the confusion, when she is seen again in Accordion Jim, she is not even wearing the same uniform, but now a more authentic and contemporary (At the time of airing), U.S. Army Dress Blue uniform with an Airborne insignia, though this uniform is clearly of Specialist rank, far below the rank of General, in fact lower than Corporal.

General Jim has issues stemming with a strained relationship with her father, who she feels was never pleased with her. She is highly aggressive and prone to violence; due to strains she has suffered from that and maybe also PTSD. Bea diagnoses her as having a fight-or-flight instinct and General Jim says she has seen friends get killed in classified operations. Dr. Roberts explains her aggression to terrified Patient 88 as being part of her training.

General Jim carries a small pistol, possibly a Walther PPK, with which she mistakenly shoots Randy's milkshake in Accordion Jim. Ironically, mild-mannered Bea is the one to calmly retrieve it from her after the misfire and both quickly and expertly unloads it and gently places it into Ahmed's hands.