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Ghost in the shell SAC

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex is a Japanese anime produced by Production I.G and based on Masamune Shirow's manga Ghost in the Shell. The show premiered on Adult Swim November 11, 2004 and ran to May 8, 2005.


The show revolves around Public Security Section 9, a secret government organizations created in order to solve crimes dealing with advanced technology.


  • Major Motoko Kusanagi (草薙 素子, Kusanagi Motoko?): Motoko is a full-body cyborg working as a member of Public Security Section 9, a fictional intelligence department under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Frequently called "Major", a reference to her military rank in the JGSDF before joining Section 9, she is in charge as squad leader when field operations are carried out by the group. Motoko is highly skilled in a number of areas, including close quarters combat, use of lethal weaponry, and hacking. Her skills are augmented by the fact that she was cyberized at a very young age following a plane crash, forcing her to become adept at controlling her cyborg body and the greater abilities it confers. Motoko is voiced by Atsuko Tanaka in the Japanese version, and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn in the English version.
  • Daisuke Aramaki (荒巻大輔, Aramaki Daisuke?): Aramaki, often called simply "Chief", is head of Section 9 and directs the group's activities and focus. Aramaki deals with various branches of the government and military in his capacity as head of Section 9, and carries substantial political influence even with high officials. Aramaki is voiced by Osamu Saka in the Japanese version, and William Frederick Knight in the English version.
  • Batou (バトー, Batō?): Batou is a member of Section 9 recruited from the Rangers, and second in command under Major Motoko Kusanagi. He is voiced by Akio Ohtsuka in the Japanese version, and Richard Epcar in the English version.
  • Togusa (トグサ, Togusa?): Togusa is a member of Section 9, recruited from Section 1 where he was working as a detective, making him the only member of Section 9 with no military background. Togusa is voiced by Kouichi Yamadera in the Japanese version, and Crispin Freeman in the English version.
  • Ishikawa (イシカワ, Ishikawa?): Ishikawa is the information warfare and technology specialist in Section 9, advising the group on related issues and often assisting Motoko in electronic infiltration and exploration. He is voiced by Yutaka Nakano in the Japanese version and Michael McCarty in the English version.
  • Saito (サイトー, Saitō?): Saito is Section 9's tactical sniper, a highly skilled marksman called in for field operations requiring precision shooting. He is voiced by Tōru Ōkawa in the Japanese version, and Dave Wittenberg in the English version.
  • Pazu (パズ, Pazu?): Pazu is a member of Section 9 who often operates in a support role, investigating leads or acting as backup to Motoko, Batou, or Togusa during field operations. He is voiced by Takashi Onozuka in the Japanese version, and Robert Buchholz in the English version.
  • Boma (ボーマ, Bōma?): Boma is the munition and explosives expert of Section 9. He, like Pazu, is a member of Section 9 who supports Motoko, Batou, and Togusa during field operations, and often works with Pazu in investigating leads on cases that Section 9 is involved with. He is voiced by Taro Yamaguchi in the Japanese version, and Dean Wein in the English version.
  • Kubota (久保田, Kubota?): Kubota is a military intelligence officer in the JGSDF, and frequently provides Aramaki with inside information on the cases that Section 9 investigates. Kubota and Aramaki also appear to be old friends, although from where remains unclear. Kubota is voiced by Taimei Suzuki in the Japanese version, and Michael Forest in the English version.