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Gibbs is a former Lieutenant and used to be 2nd in-command in Titan Force 5. Gibbs the Galaxy's Most Wanted Terrorist and has committed many crimes. He has destroyed land, murdered innocents, and has seduced his ex-girlfriend Jodi Anerella to have sex with him just so he can betray her and humiliate her in front of the whole galaxy by making a sex tape of the both of them. Gibbs did succeed with his plan at the end of the series by murdering One Billion grandparents. His current status is most likely alive. Gibbs path down to terrorism most likely began when he was taken advantage of from his former team. The team always took Gibbs for granted when he helped them succeed all the time with missions. After Titan Force 5 was shut down by the Government (After the opening), Gibbs took his opportunity to take revenge on his former friends by trying to kill them after how they treated him. He was later replaced by Palmer's little brother Willie who worked to help stop Gibbs. Overall, Gibbs may have been taking advantage of, he was very intelligent with his masterplan and succeeded.