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First Appearance FLCL: Progressive
RE: Start
Performer Xanthe Huynh

Hidomi Hibajiri is a high school student who feels nothing exciting happens in her town in FLCL: Progressive. She has weird dreams of being a zombie, and cheerfully wants for her body to be ripped apart, in essence destroying everything to start over. She's always seen wearing cat ear headphones that begin changing red when she's in danger of "overflowing."

She typically exerts little emotion, and tends to help her mother, Hinae Hibajiri at the family cafe.

In "LooPQR," after her headphones are drilled into her head, she undergoes a change in personality, into a more cheerful persona. While Ko Ide, believes this not to be the real her, she quickly corrects him and states that's she's always this way, and wears her headphones as a way to block out the sadness after the loss of her father.


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