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Hunky Boys Go Ding Dong

Hunky Boys Go Ding-Dong was a proposed television series that aired one pilot episode on December 3, 2018 at 4:00 A.M. on Adult Swim. After the pilot aired, the show was not picked up.

The pilot follows the characters Chet, Cecil & Bart as they find themselves competing against one another on match-making game show entitled Don't Die Alone.


Three idiots fail at life, then fail at death, then fail at love.


The pilot begins with the 3 main characters writing their vows and final goodbyes before deciding to hang themselves. However, after their suicide attempts fail, they decided that if they can't kill themselves, they might as well try to find love by competing on the show Don't Die Alone.

Chet, Cecil & Bart then walk onto the set of Don't Die Alone and are introduced to the lady contestant, named Nancy (Accidentally calling herself Librarian). The guys answer random questions asked by Nancy, with Cecil giving a creepy answer, Chet showing off his deformed Siamese twin Irving and Bart exclaiming Kiss my ass!

Bart then goes backstage and falls in love with a woman version of himself. Meanwhile, the two other boys participate in the talent portion of the show. Cecil plays a song on the lute, but is constantly interrupted by Chet, who keeps switching which camera Cecil is supposed to be looking at, causing him to restart the same line over and over again. It is then revealed that Chet's camera work is his talent.

Back to Bart, he is shown going on a dinner date in the alley with the woman from before. The woman then blows a kiss that launches Bart back into the studio. Bart and his date then terrorize the studio's members by blowing kisses frantically in all directions, resulting in the swat team walking in to calm the two. It then cuts back to Bart and his date in the alley, where they confess their love for each other. They kiss and Bart immediately becomes impregnated. The lady runs away, resulting in Bart going back into a depressive and angry state.

The game show continues, and the Favorites Lightning Round begins. It is revealed that Cecil and Nancy share all of the same favorites, with them both revealing that their favorite signs of compatibility being having identical interests. Nancy picks Cecil to be her choice, but ultimately changes her mind after taking off the blindfold and seeing how bizarre he looks. She then chooses Bart, who is shown having his baby. She again retracts, choosing Chet, who is being incarcerated in insanity restraints. She then chooses Irving, but immediately regrets it. She then decides on the host of the show, (Guy Rippington), who is revealed to be her brother. She ultimately chooses Death and runs to the Grim Reaper, who takes her away in a wall of flame. The three men are pantsed, showing their matching Heart Boxer Shorts. After being laughed at, the host proclaims Is there anyone in this universe compatible with any of these losers? with the audience yelling There's no way! in response. The three boys reply with a hearty There's yes way!

The three boys are then shown in a run down church, with their arms locked together. A priest then announces that the boys have officially committed the sin of marriage. The boys kiss each other causing Cecil, Bart and Chet to become pregnant once again. The boys cheer and the camera pans out the window, ending the episode.


  • Cecil - Emo Philips
  • Chet - Derek Mears
  • Bart - Randy E. Aguebor
  • Librarian (Nancy) - Tipper Newton
  • Guy Rippington - Ron Ford
  • Father Bergstein - Jim Hamerlinck


  • Director - Todd Rohal
  • Writers - Zack Carlson, Bryan Connolly and Todd Rohal
  • Composer - Joseph Stephens