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Icelandic Ultra Blue
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Main Series Paid Programming
Season No. 1
Episode No. Pilot
Original Airdate November 3, 2009
Runtime 11 Minutes
FCC Rating TV-MA
Main Crew
Director(s) Jeff Buchanan
Writer(s) H. Jon Benjamin
David Cross
Executive producer(s) H. Jon Benjamin
David Cross
Episode Cast
Starring Justine D'Amour

Icelandic Ultra Blue is the pilot episode of Paid Programming.


The pilot is in the format of an infomercial for a line of products for the Icelandic Ultra Blue company. The products aim to fix problems from the mundane to the ridiculous, and use politically incorrect segments to promote the products. Products in the infomercial include the Icelandic Ultra Blue energy pills, the Icelandic Ultra Blue air purifier, The Icelandic Ultra Blue Embalm Balm, and Icelandic Ultra Stuff, a cream that appears to remove razor bumps from shaving.

The infomercial also includes advertisment for fictional businesses inbetween the Icelandic Ultra Blue segments, such as Kimmel's Nazi Gold Exchange, Fattfuck's Splinter B-Gones, and Temptation's Nightclub.


The pilot episode aired no credit sequence, leaving the identities of most of the cast, as well as the production crew, a mystery.

  • Justine D'Amour as O'Connell McMicmic