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First Appearance Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Mayhem of the Mooninites
Performer Dave Willis

Ignignokt is the leader of the Mooninites. He is large and green. He and his tag-along, Err, commit crimes such as stealing, vandalism and more.

Ignignokt is very selfish, but he is not very bright. Though, he tries to act smart. He has many weapons including a laser gun and he can lock in with Err to create a quad laser, which produces a large bullet. Though, the weapons aren't that powerful and the bullets travel very slowly, and are in block form. The laser gun bullets aren't capable of killing anyone or anything, it only teleports the target to the moon.

Ignignokt and Err live on the moon, which they always brag about. They brag about it just to impress the people around them. Though, when nobody is around, they talk about how much it sucks due to there being nothing to do.