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Infomercials is an umbrella title for independent, quarter-hour television comedy specials airing on Adult Swim. Unlike actual paid programming, all of the programs are fictitious, and for the most part maintain no continuity with each other.

Most of the specials closely resemble & lampoon the format of infomercials, while others parody tropes in niche media such as closed-circuit hotel information channels, industrial films, sitcoms, outdated reality television formats and public-access television. A number of the titles have a purposeful standard definition look and framing, to match a dated aesthetic. The specials typically air at 4 a.m. ET/PT.

There is no title card or common identifier for the specials, and on some program guide listings, it can be confused with an actual segment of paid programming; if there is a description, it is sometimes blank, with no season or episode numbers. Every title has a different look, as outside of the Williams Street production logos, there are no common directors, cast or crew between the specials, though some directors have returned.

One in particular, Too Many Cooks, is notable for gathering media interest in November 2014. It contains a long-form introduction sequence common to 1980s and 1990s TV shows, except with a seemingly endless cast that continued to be introduced for 11 minutes straight.


No. Title Created by / Developed by Written by Directed by Co-production(s) Original air date
1 Icelandic UltraBlue H. Jon Benjamin and David Cross Jeff Buchanan November 3, 2009
2 Dangerously Delicious: Paid Advertisement Aziz Ansari (original stand-up comedy film)
(d): Aziz Ansari, Jason Woliner, and Eric Wareheim
Aziz Ansari, Jason Woliner, and Eric Wareheim Eric Wareheim Abso Lutely Productions

Grandpa Pictures

July 23, 2012
3 The NTSF:SD:SUV:HISS Infomercial Paul Scheer Alex Fernie and Nick Wiger Alex Fernie 2nd Man On The Moon

Abominable Pictures

November 9, 2012
4 Swords, Knives, Very Sharp Objects and Cutlery Rob Huebel Eric Appel November 27, 2012
5 Broomshakalaka! Justin Becker, Steve Clemmons, and Becca Kinskey Justin Becker and Steve Clemmons Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert Abominable Pictures December 10, 2013
6 For-Profit Online University Wild, Aggressive Dog (s): Geoff Haggerty, Dan E. Klein, Matthew Klinman, Micheal Pielocik, Chris Sartinsky, and Sam West

(t): Sam West

Sam West Abominable Pictures

Wild, Aggressive Dog (uncredited)

December 17, 2013
7 Live Forever as You Are Now with Alan Resnick Ben O'Brien and Alan Resnick Alan Resnick and Dina Kelberman Ben O'Brien and Alan Resnick AB Video Solutions, LLC December 24, 2013
8 Fartcopter Rob Huebel Alex Fernie Abominable Pictures October 6, 2014
9 The Salad Mixxxer Chris Amick, Ben Mekler, and David Soldinger Ken Marino and David Soldinger October 13, 2014
10 Alpha Chow Justin Becker, Steve Clemmons, and Becca Kinskey Justin Becker and Steve Clemmons Dave Green October 20, 2014
11 Goth Fitness Chris Amick, Ben Mekler, and David Soldinger Danny Jelinek
12 Too Many Cooks Casper Kelly October 28, 2014
13 The Newbridge Tourism Board Presents: "We're Newbridge, We're Comin' to Get Ya!" Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster Tom Scharpling Production Company Productions November 3, 2014
14 In Search of Miracle Man Matt Besser and Rich Fulcher Neil Mahoney Abominable Pictures November 10, 2014
15 Smart Pipe Wild, Aggressive Dog (s): Geoff Haggerty, Dan E. Klein, Matthew Klinman, Micheal Pielocik, Chris Sartinsky, and Sam West

(t): Micheal Pielocik (in Smart Pipe); Chris Sartinsky (in Book of Christ)

Zachary Johnson and Jeffrey Max Abominable Pictures

Wild, Aggressive Dog

November 17, 2014
16 Book of Christ November 24, 2014
17 Frank Pierre Presents: "The Frank Pierre Resort & Casino" Paul Scheer Matthew Freund Abominable Pictures

2nd Man On The Moon

December 2, 2014
18 Unedited Footage of a Bear Ben O'Brien (concept) Alan Resnick, Robby Rackleff, and Dina Kelberman Alan Resnick and Ben O'Brien AB Video Solutions, LLC December 16, 2014
19 This House Has People in It Alan Resnick (concept) Alan Resnick AB Surveillance Solutions March 14, 2016
20 Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep Joe Pera; (d): Kieran O'Hare Joe Pera Kieran O'Hare Chestnut Walnut Unlimited March 21, 2016
21 Big Grams: "Born to Shine" / "Run for Your Life" Antwan Patton, Sarah Barthel, and Josh Carter (original EP)
(d): Erik Minkin
Sarah Barthel, Antwan Patton, and Jim Petosa Awesome Inc. March 28, 2016
22 M.O.P.Z. Todd Rohal and Benjamin Kasulke Todd Rohal Mechanical Dreams


April 4, 2016
23 Giles Vanderhoot Michael Showalter Michael Showalter and Jonathan Stern Michael Showalter Abominable Pictures April 25, 2016
24 Live at the Necropolis: The Lords of Synth Nick Corirossi, Scott Gairdner, Charles Ingram, Danny Jelinek, and Ryan Perez Scott Gairdner and Ryan Perez Nick Corirossi and Charles Ingram May 2, 2016
25 NewsHits Rob Huebel Sergio Cilli May 31, 2016
26 Mulchtown Chris Sartinsky and Becca Kinskey Chris Sartinsky Danny Jelinek Ideal Milk Co.

Abominable Pictures (uncredited)

June 7, 2016
27 Check It Out! with Scott Clam John C. Reilly, Tim Heidecker, and Eric Wareheim Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim Abso Lutely Productions October 23, 2017
28 The Suplex Duplex Complex Zack Carlson, Bryan Connolly, and Todd Rohal Todd Rohal PFFFR

Ten Acre Films

October 30, 2017
29 Wet Shapes Kati Skelton Little Bear Bear Productions

It's Grim

November 6, 2017
30 Innovation Makers: The Coyote Suit Dan Guterman and John Harris Danny Jelinek Abso Lutely Productions December 12, 2017
31 A Message from the Future Paul Scheer Paul Scheer and Jonathan Stern Ryan Perez Abominable Pictures

2nd Man On The Moon

June 4, 2018
32 Cool Dad - Official Trailer Alex Kavutskiy and Ariel Gardner Abominable Pictures June 11, 2018
33 Dayworld Cole Kush and Jay Weingarten Abso Lutely Productions

Daytime Studio

June 18, 2018
34 Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough Casper Kelly and Nick Gibbons June 25, 2018
35 Food: The Source of Life Greg Hess Ryan Perez Abominable Pictures July 2, 2018
36 Pervert Everything Lorelei Ramirez PFFFR

AB Video Solutions, LLC

December 10, 2018
37 Flayaway Sarah Sherman Kati Skelton Abso Lutely Productions

Helltrap Nightmare

December 17, 2018
38 When Panties Fly Chiyoung Lee December 16, 2019
39 Piggy Steve Smith Steve Smith & Clay Tatum Steve Smith Abso Lutely Productions April 27, 2020
40 Skeleton Landlord Doug Bleichner & Sam Wagstaff May 4, 2020
41 Wormholes Benjamin Berman Clark Baker, Benjamin Berman & Kirk C. Johnson Benjamin Berman The Ranch Productions September 8, 2020
42 11 Minute Whambam 90’s Ride! Anders Holm Abominable Pictures November 30, 2020
43 A Life In Questions: Wisdom School with Aaron Chen Aaron Chen & Henry Stone Henry Stone West Street Sports, Pty Ltd. December 8, 2020
44 Rate The Cookie (with Jo Firestone) Jo Firestone Julie Miller PFFR December 14, 2020
45 Danny Ketchup Casper Kelly Fried Society December 21, 2020


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