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First Appearance The Girl Who Overcame Time... and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome
Performer Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanese)
Richard Ian Cox (English)

Inuyasha (Inu dog + Yasha demon) is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi. His name is punctuated and capitalized multiple ways: InuYasha, Inuyasha, Inu-Yasha, Inu-yasha, Inu Yasha, Inu yasha.


Early life[]


Inuyasha was born to a demon ruler, Inu no Taisho, and the daughter of a Feudal lord, Izayoi. However because of their differences many in Izayoi's village, including her father sought to destroy the great dog demon. On the night of the full moon, Ino rushed to the castle in which Izayoi was kept in order to see the birth of his son. He evetually made it o the castle, reviving Izayoi with the Tenseiga after she was killed by her former lover. Ino told Izayoi to flee and as she left, Taisho requested that their son be named Inuyasha.


Izayoi tried to raise Inuyasha as a normal person but it was to no avail. As a child Inuyasha was often treated badly by the villagers. One time he tried to play with the village boys but they shunned him away. An upset Inuyasha ran to his mother, whom he was extremely close with. Sometime during his adolescent years, Izayoi died, leaving Inuyasha to be on his own. Inuyasha despised by both Yōkai and humans and is rejected by humans because of his yōkai side and looked down upon by yōkai as a "filthy half-breed" because his human blood supposedly taints his superior yōkai blood. Thus, before Inuyasha met Kikyo, he found it very difficult to trust anyone, and even more to find anyone who accepted him as a han'yō.

Meeting Kikyo[]

Hearing rumors of the Jewel of the Four Souls, Inuyash decided to steal it in oder to become a full demon or Yokai. While searching for it, Inuyasha came across it's protecter Kikyo, a prietress, and her younger sister. He attacked the two only to stop himself from killing her. While spending time with her, Inuyasha and Kikyo developed feelings for one another. It was at this time that Inuyasha abandoned his quest to become a full demon and decided to use the jewel to become human. Everything was going good for Inuyasha until another han'yō, formerly a human known only as Onigumo, but now called Naraku, made them believe they betrayed each other. Because of Naraku's schemes, and their own lack of faith in each other, their relationship ended when Inuyasha broke into Kikyo's village and stole the Jewel of the Four Souls.

In defense of the village, and to keep him from escaping with the Jewel, Kikyo fired a Fuin no Ya at Inuyasha, sealing him to the Goshinboku in an eternal enchanted sleep. Moments afterward, Kikyo collapses from a wound she received from Naraku -- though at first the viewer is lead to believe that Inuyasha wounded her -- and dies within a few short moments. Part of her final instructions to her sister Kaede was to have the Jewel burned with her body so that it would travel to Hell with her.

Meeting Kagome[]

50 years later, Inuyasha was released from the tree by Kagome Higurashi, the reincarnation of Kikyo from 500 years in the future, who unknowingly carried the Jewel of the Four Souls inside her body (this is due to Kikyo being burned with the Jewel, but also makes reference to Midoriko, the creator of the Jewel). When he was finished with Kumade Jōrō (Mistress Centipede), he tried to steal the Jewel but ends up with the Beads of Subjugation around his neck. When Kagome says "Sit" his head plunges to the ground. Kagome accidentally shattered the Jewel when shooting at Shibugarasu trying to flee with it, and the shards were scattered around Japan.

The quest for the Sikon Jewel shards[]

After reducing the jewel to mere shards, Inuyasha and Kagome set out to regain them back. It was during this time that Inuyasha gained his father's most powerful sword, the Tessaiga.


Because of hid traumatic childhood, Inuyasha grew up to be somewhat untrusting of others and can even be impulsive and reckless. Upon his revival, he attempts to kill Kagome in order to take the Shikon Jewel. He becomes more civil as time progresses, losing some of his more "demonic" qualities and becoming much more human. He maintains a crass, blunt, rude attitude towards everyone except Kagome and Kikyo, and to a lesser degree the rest of his companions (with the possible exception of Shippo). He is brutaly honest when it comes to dealing with emotional hardships (as long as they are not his), and always tries to take the most direct route possible in solving any problem, which usually involves blowing something up or shredding it.

Inuyasha is easily offended when someone calls him a dog or suggests that he is inferior to yōkai, due to his human parentage.



Kagome forces Inuyasha to bow down and beg her for mercy

Kagome first sit command

Kagome immobolizes Inuyasha, leaving him in a humiliated and bent over pose


Kagome easily defeats Inuyasha in her sleep, and cause him to fall on his hands and knees

  • Kagome - The heroine of the story. Although their interaction was initially very adversarial, Kagome and Inuyasha have become very close over time, and Kagome's kindness and acceptance of Inuyasha has had a noticeable effect on his attitude. Although they are commonly seen arguing, they clearly care for one another. Kagome is very deeply in love with Inuyasha as he is with her. This is the primary relationship for Inuyasha's character in the series. A running gag is that Kagome has the power to "sit" Inuyasha, which forces him to fall to the ground with his face down and rear protruding up, resembling a dog. Despite being stronger than her, Inuyasha can be easily defeated and humiliated by Kagome due to the spell placed on his necklace.
  • Shippo - Inuyasha is continually annoyed by this yōkai-fox, who is rather smart for his age. Their interaction consists mostly of Shippo annoying Inuyasha and the han'yō then hitting him and being scolded by Kagome for it. However, Inuyasha does care for Shippo and encourages him when really necessary. Shippo once cried when he thought Inuyasha had been killed, and then hugged him while still in tears when he found out that he was still alive. Shippo is also considered one of Inuyasha's most popular characters for his cuteness and chibiness. Shippo, like Inuyasha, is an orphan, and the two often fight like siblings.
  • Miroku - Even though Miroku is a lecherous monk, Inuyasha clearly respects Miroku for his skills, powers, and knowledge. Each knows he can trust the other with his life if need be. Also, Miroku is the only male companion of Inuyasha with whom he doesn't always bicker. Whenever Miroku is sucking Naraku's poisonous wasps (saimyōshō) into his Kaza'ana or otherwise putting himself in danger to help his friends, Inuyasha forces him to stop these dangerous acts. Once he even promised to rip Miroku's arms off if he tried to open his Kaza'ana again (as doing so would have resulted in Miroku's death)--Inuyasha's way of saying that he cares. More recently, in the manga, Miroku almost got himself killed trying to suck in Naraku but was stopped by Inuyasha.
  • Sango - Inuyasha respects Sango's strength as a fighter, to the point that he was actually the one to ask her to join them in their quest to defeat Naraku. He went out of his way--in his blunt and awkward fashion--to help take her mind off her troubles after she first joined them. After she initially joins, Sango proves to be a very worthy companion and often fights side by side with Inuyasha, and her Yōkai hunting skills prove to be a valuable asset in hunting down Naraku. Sango really only fights with Inuyasha when her brother joins them for a bit with no memory of Naraku and Inuyasha doesn't trust him and thinks it's all an act, while Sango takes on the defensive side and argues for her brother. Inuyasha also stopped Sango from killing Kohaku and often comforts when she starts feeling blue, assuring her that they'll get him back. This has given hope to Sango and she now believes that she doesn't have to kill her brother to free him because of Inuyasha's interference. Sango has stated that she doesn't have a preference for which form InuYasha is in and will stand by him no matter what. This statement is often part of the basis for fanfiction pairings between Inuyasha and Sango.
  • Kikyo - When Kikyo was brought back in a body of clay by the yōkai Urasue, she was filled with the anger and bitterness which had consumed her when she died, and she acted with hostility toward both Inuyasha and Kagome. Over the course of the series, Kikyo has gradually become more and more like the shrine maiden she was before her death. She is important to Inuyasha, and threats to her safety tend to make him react without much thought for the consequences to himself or the effect it has on Kagome. Although presented with a choice between the two, he has always run to Kagome first. As Kikyo dies in Inyasha's arms, it left him depressed and lost as a result.
  • Sesshomaru - Inuyasha's older half-brother, a full-demon who is also son of the Great Inu Yōkai. He doesn't like the fact that Inuyasha wields Tessaiga and he was stuck with Tenseiga. The two openly hate each other, though they seemed to have been close growing up. Inuyasha loathes Sesshomaru because Sesshomaru tried to take his sword, and Sesshomaru because Inuyasha is a han'yō. Sesshomaru also considers himself innately superior to Inuyasha by merit of being a yōkai. Sesshomaru is another of the most popular characters of Inuyasha.
  • Koga - Inuyasha and Koga have a very complex relationship. They are often seen bickering over Kagome, something that is often used for comical purposes in the series. However, they have aided each other in the battlefield on more than one occasion; Inuyasha even saved him from Kagura by using his wind scar attack, which would have destroyed her had Naraku not intervened, and managed to bring him back to safety after he was almost melted by Naraku's shōki in liquid form. Koga has also never revealed to Naraku that Inuyasha loses his powers once a month, because during that time it would be easy for Naraku to dispatch him since he is in human form and can't use the Tessaiga. In a recent manga chapter following Kikyo's death, Koga helps to snap Inuyasha out of his grieving, reminding him that he is not the only one suffering. An odd blend of friendship, respect, annoyance, and rivalry, the fate of their relationship remains to be seen. As Inuyasha has sometimes been regarded in fanfiction as the previous Incarnation of Ranma from Ranma ½, some fans have toyed with the possibility that Koga is the previous incarnation of Ryoga. Again, this is mainly due to some physical similarities between the two, such as their fangs and most notably the fact that both of their wear headbands (or a bandanna, in Ryoga's case)
  • Myōga - This yōkai-flea was a loyal servant of Inuyasha's father. He now acts as Inuyasha's retainer. He often provides Inuyasha with information on his enemies and on ways to upgrade his sword in order to defeat them. However, he will often flee from battles, and mysteriously reappears in a safer place in the area, or after the danger has passed. Though useful, he is constantly getting squished and once Kagome even sprayed him with flea spray.
  • Totosai - This is the sword smith who forged Inuyasha's Tessaiga and Sesshomaru's Tenseiga. He often gives Inuyasha advice on how to better use the power of his sword. Indeed, all of Inuyasha's achievements in strength (other than physical) can be credited to Totosai. He was also a servant of Inuyasha's father, like Myoga. He, Myoga and Saya seem to have been best friends all serving under the great general. Inuyasha tends to act less than appreciative of Totosai's help, frequently smacking him over the head for one idiocy or another. Still, Inuyasha has gone to Totosai for aid several times, demonstrating that underneath all the irritation, he does respect the swordsmith.
  • Sota - Sota sees Inuyasha as a role model, due to his father being deceased, and tries to spend time with him when he is in the modern age. Sota even calls Inuyasha "Inu no nii-chan" (dog brother). Sota and Inuyasha seem to be getting closer and closer as once him and Inuyasha even took a bath together; the deal being that Sota will wash Inuyasha's back if he does the same for him. This ended with Inuyasha running out of the bath tub naked with Sota and landed in front of a horrified Kagome. (Note: Despite what many fans consider to be a display of homosexuality, in Japanese culture it is considered perfectly acceptable to give a child a bath in such a way, though it is usually done by family, further proving the two character's growing closeness).
  • Bankotsu - Even though he was his enemy, Inuyasha understood Bankotsu's desire to be strong. After Inuyasha kills him he tells Bankotsu that he was "too greedy" and that "his bare hands would have been enough" to beat him. Later when Naraku insults Bankotsu, Inuyasha, who was angered by the way he had used Bankotsu, tells Naraku that even though he was evil, Bankotsu had more honour than Naraku ever had.
  • Jinenji - He is the polar opposite of Inuyasha, in that he is able to show compassion to both friends and enemies, even though he too has been badly mistreated by humans and yōkai alike. Inuyasha felt a need to encourage Jinenji to stand up to his oppressors, and in the end managed to get the villagers to stop abusing him.
  • Kinka and Ginka - These two yōkai brothers wielded the power of fire and lightening. Their relationship was very similar to the relationship that Inuyasha has with Sesshomaru. In the end, their contempt for each other lead to their deaths at the hands of Moryomaru. Inuyasha apologized for having dragged them into his struggle with Moryomaru, and perhaps even got a glimpse of what future awaits him and Sesshomaru if they continue despising each other.

Inuyasha's Special Traits[]

Physical Abilities[]

  • Strength: Inuyasha's yōkai blood gives him superhuman strength. No upper limit has yet been shown in the canon, but, according to the Zusetsutaizen Ōgikaiden official character data book, he is at least strong enough to easily lift a boulder with a diameter greater than the height of his body over his head with one hand, and then run many miles with it. Something like that is easily eight to ten tons on the weight scale.
  • Speed: While not as fast as Entei the yōkai-horse that served as Hakudoshi's steed, Inuyasha's speed has been shown to easily exceed that of a normal horse; possibly as fast as, if not faster than, a cheetah. Due to the speed he can accumulate in his runs, added with his incredible strength, he is able to cross great distances with a single jump. Altogether, this creates the illusion that he is flying every time he leaps. The Ogikaiden says he can reach the top of tall cliffs with a single leap as well.
  • Defensive Ability: For the most part, his fire-rat robe provides most of the added protection to his body. In one of the first episodes, Inuyasha gave Kagome his robe to protect her from Yura's hair, Yura had her tied up and the hair was touching her skin not the robe. So There must be demonic aura around the wearer of the robe of the fire rat.However, Inuyasha's physique is capable of taking a lot of damage, more than the average human, or even most yōkai. He has also been seen to be unaffected by severe blunt force trauma - he was hit on the head with a log hard enough for it to break in two leaving only a comical lump on the head. He appears weak against strong smells like ink from the episode "The Cursed Hell Painter" or Sango's Scent Beads from episode 164 because of his sensitive nose. Though, he has shown the ability to withstand direct contact with fire and tremendous heat, but parts of his body not covered by the robe appear equally invulnerable; he appears resistant to acid as when trapped by Naraku in the Ogre's Belly. He is susceptible to some yōkai and holy weapons, but appears to be invulnerable to most human ones, able to catch normal arrows out of the air and break steel swords with his bare hands. Even when injured, his recovery rate (his healing factor) is much faster than that of a human. Similarly, attacks powerful enough to severely injure him are rarely fatal, as they would be to humans. He recovered quickly from numerous serious attacks, including a large fist-sized hole punched through his gut. Unfortunately for Inuyasha, his tongue is still open to being burned by curry.

Physical Techniques[]

  • Exorcising Claws of Steel (Viz's name: Iron Reaver Soul Stealer): Inuyasha's basic claw attack is powerful enough to tear apart iron, making it easy for him to rip his enemies in half.
  • Blades of Blood: Inuyasha's blood, when combined with the "Exorcising Claws of Steel", does damage when thrown. With this attack, he is able to attack his enemies from afar instead of in close combat. Inuyasha splashes his own blood on the end of his claws and flings them like multiple shurikens to cleave his foes in two. In the later fights with the yōkai ninja, it appeared that he used the blood of his enemy to use the Blades of Blood. But this is unconfirmed.
  • Time Travel: This technique basically involves Inuyasha jumping down the “Bone Eater’s Well” and traveling back and forth 500 years from the future. How this is done has not been explained and is one of the series most talked about plotholes. There are many theories and the anime only gives clues and allows for inference. It is very possible that it involves spiritual power or simply will power or his connection with Kagome.

Manga-Specific Tessaiga's Techniques[]

  • Wind Scar: A special attack that can kill 100 yōkai with one strike. Inuyasha first used this attack by accident, but eventually learned to see the Wind Scar. This attack uses the collision of yōkai winds between two enemies to create a path ("the scar") to unleash an attack of cutting wind. Once he has mastered this, he is able to take 100 lives in one strike of his sword. If he does the Kaze no Kizu too many times it eventually will wear him out since the Kaze no Kizu is from his yōkai spirit. It nearly wore Inuyasha out once when he fought Musō. Later on after he stabs the heart of the yōkai, Ryukotusei, he gains the ability to unleash the Kaze no Kizu whenever he wants.
  • Explosive Flowing Wave(Viz's names: Dragon Twister / Backlash Wave): The Tessaiga's ogi (or ultimate technique). Uses the opponent's strong yōki and the Kaze no Kizu to return the attack, magnified hundreds of times. With this movement of the Tessaiga, he forms enormous charging twisters that sucks the foes power into the "Wind Scar" and forces it to flow backwards. The wind and the power twist together into a vortex, pushing it backwards and the enemy is attacked by its own yōki and Tessaiga's might combined. But to use it, he must see where to cut the yōkai's aura and have strong enough "ki" himself to overpower his foes. An alternate way to look at it is this: when an enemy fires any type of yōki, Inuyasha is able to use that attack and send it back entwined in a twister along with Kaze no Kizu as long as he is more powerful than they. This only works on foes with a yōki.
  • Barrier shatter (Red-colored Tessaiga): Gained from the blood of Taigokumaru which was absorbed into Shiori's orb. This technique renders barriers including Naraku's for a while useless. When being used, Tessaiga glows red. Only the strongest barriers cannot be shattered by this attack, such as Naraku's current barrier and Midoriko's barriers.
  • Diamond Spear Wave|金剛槍破|Kongōsōha}} (Viz's name: Adamant Barrage): Attack gained from Hosenki after Naraku had used the shard to make him fight Inuyasha. After defeating the diamond yōkai with the power to obliterate any type of barrier, Inuyasha absorbed his power to combine his Kaze no Kizu with the diamonds to wreak havoc on the foe. The Tessaiga turns into a massive diamond, whipping diamond shards from its blade with huge yōki explosions to destroy any and foremost Naraku's Barriers.
  • Ryūrin no Tessaiga (Dragon Scaled Tessaiga): This attack involves one half of Tessaiga being covered in large dragon scales. This move is different from the rest because it absorbs yōki instead of causing direct damage to an opponent. Inuyasha gained this attack when a sword smith that got possessed by a sword forged from a yōkai's scale, named Datsuki, attacked Inuyasha. During the fight Datsuki absorbed the Kaze no Kizu attack as well as the Bakuryūha, and Tessaiga almost snapped, again. In the end, the sword smith couldn't handle it and died, causing the sword to break and give its special power to Tessaiga. This does not appear in the anime as it was discontinued.

Tessaiga’s Techniques[]

These techniques are revealed in the movies and the games.

  • '''Diamond Explosive Flowing Wave''' (Viz's name: Adamant Backlash Wave): A combination of Kongōsōha & Bakuryūha. This attack is not only used in Inuyasha the Movie: Fire on the Mystic Island,it is also used in the later episodes.
  • Exorcising Explosive Flowing Wave:This isn't really an attack as much as it is a combined effort between Inuyasha and Kagome, which is only used in the first and fourth movies, episode 140 and the 5th Inuyasha opening. Basically consists of Kagome firing one of her Hama no Ya in the center of Inuyasha's Bakuryūha before it connects. This isn't the most powerful combo attack in the series as Sesshōmaru's Soryuha and Meido Zangetsuha attacks and Miroku's Kazana can overwhelm it. In the first movie when Menomaru shot a beam of light from his forehead Kagome first shot her Hama no Ya and then Inuyasha countered Menomaru’s beam by unleashing his backlash wave Bakuryūha on his beam. This resulted in the Hama no Ya destroying the Jewel in Menomaru’s head thus eliminating his power, and the backlash wave then destroying Menōmaru himself. In the second movie, instead of using the Bakuryūha, he used the Kaze no Kizu to replace it when they were fighting Naraku in the beginning of the movie. In the fourth movie this attack came in the form of the opponent, who was a combination of the movie’s four main antagonists, unleashing a barrage of lightning which was then countered by Kagome shooting her Hama no Ya attack which was then followed by Inuyasha who combined his Bakuryūha with his Kongōsōha. The attack resulted in a dispersion of the Hama no Ya and the opponents’ energy in the Bakuryūha as all that was left were a trail on Kongōsōha diamonds connecting the Tessaiga with the enemy, after which the Kaze no Kizu portion which was left from the Bakuryūha then attacked the opponent following the trail of diamonds and subsequently destroying them as they were combined in the attack as well. Thus in the end the entire attack resulted in the Kaze no leKizu being combined with the Kongōsōha, which was what unleashed the deathblow on the opponent. Thus there was no need for Kagome to have shot her Hama no Ya at all as it was dispersed along with the enemy’s energy because of the Kongōsōha.
  • Ultimate Bakuryūha: This is Inuyasha's Bakuryūha without countering his foe’s attack and adding his or her yōki into the Kaze no Kizu to unleash the traditional Bakuryūha. This only appears in Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask. This attack isn't canon because it exterminates the main reason Inuyasha is able to release the Bakuryūha which is by combining his power with that of his enemy.

Tessaiga's Transformations/Abilities[]

  • Rusty Form: Tessaiga's basic form when in Inuyasha's human hands or those of another human. Despite its appearance, it can still be used as any other sword and repel most yōkai with its other forms. This form as well as all the other forms carries a barrier that protects humans holding the sword and hurts yōkai trying to wield it.
  • Transform; True form: With Inuyasha's yōki fused with the Tessaiga, the katana becomes a giant fang with fur flickering at the hilt. This can block and of course use any of his "weapon techniques" It is also known that the Tessaiga can keep Inuyasha's yōkai form from emerging. However, some attacks can purify the yōki such as the Hama no Ya, during which Inuyasha has to send in more of his yōki into the blade to transform it again. It is in this form that the blade can unleash the Kaze no Kizu and the Bakuryūha in the manga and the anime, but in the movies this rule doesn’t seem to apply.
  • Crimson: After the bat yōkai king Taigokumaru was defeated, his blood was absorbed into a red orb used by each son of his family to set up a powerful barrier. By destroying the orb and bathing the Tessaiga in his blood the sword was able to assume a crimson form capable of destroying all but the strongest barriers in the series.
  • Diamond: An ability granted by the powerful yōkai Housenki. Tessaiga transforms into a massive silverish, diamond sword that allows him to break though any barrier, which is useful when Inuyasha needs to overcome a barrier that his crimson Tessaiga can’t. It is in this form that the blade can unleash the Kongōsōha.
  • Dragon-Scaled Tessaiga: Another form of the Tessaiga gained in the manga after the anime ended. This form is gained by destroying "Datsuki" a yōki-absorbing sword. Whenever he used it to absorb yōki it burned his hands, and if he absorbed too much of it, the sword let off an enormous explosion of yōki, that nearly killed him once. However, later on Tessaiga absorbed a priest's senki (holy energy) which stopped the backflow of youki from hurting Inuyasha and allowing him to properly use this form of the Tessaiga. The sword doesn't permanently absorb yōki as most of the time the energy lasts only long enough to be used by Inuyasha against his opponents. The only exception to this is the yōki from Yōrei-Taisei (below) and the senki that it absorbed from the priest because he absorbed all their powers rather than just a blast of energy. Eventually, Inuyasha trains under a yōkai named Yōrei-Taisei (who later infuses Tessaiga with his power). The yōkai teaches Inuyasha to sense and attack yōketsu, whirlpools of yōki that channel the powers of yōkai. Most yōkai have one yōketsu, but yōkai like Moryomaru and Naraku have many yōketsu due to the fact that they're composed of many yōkai. To destroy a yōketsu is to ruin an opponent's ability to channel yōki, or in some cases utterly destroy them, as the yōkai in Yōrei-Taisei's training disintegrated when their yōketsu were destroyed. This is potentially one of the series' most effective techniques as it can totally disempower his opponent. Breaking Yōketsu does not seem to fill Tessaiga with any additional power. On a side note, Inuyasha was told that there was a final form that the Dragon-scaled Tessaiga was capable of achieving. We have yet to discover what this form is. However, Sesshomaru seems to have a vague idea of what it is.


  • Sheath of Tessaiga: Can deflect energy attacks with the barrier used to contain Tessaiga's power. It is also capable of returning the Tessaiga to Inuyasha's hands when they become separated. The sheath is capable of resisting any amount of offensive force; however, if that force is used continuously then the sheath will crack. This why it was able to hold off Sesshomaru’s Sōryūha since it was an attack that was only unleashed once, but couldn’t hold off Hiten’s thunder attacks which were of weaker power than the Sōryūha, since he was unleashing them constantly.
  • Beads of Subjugation (Kotodama no Nenju): The beads around Inuyasha's neck are activated if Kagome says to Inuyasha, Template:Nihongo (As one would say to a dog as a command.) The Kotodama no Nenju is introduced in the very first manga as a spiritual device to control Inuyasha. It was originally intended to keep Inuyasha from killing or hurting Kagome (although she frequently abuses its power if he so much as mouths off). It consists of a number of round beads (estimated at between 42 and 49 in number) and between seven and ten magatama (comma shaped) beads which are often mistaken as claws. The magatama is an ancient comma-shaped bead imbude with great spiritual and mystial powers. These beads have been found as far back as the Jomon period (jo-mon-jidai, about 10,000 BC to 300 BC). The most famous Magatama are the Yasakani no Magatama - one of The Three Sacred Treasures of the Founding of Japan. Only a priest/priestess/someone powerful enough has the power to remove this as Inuyasha himself is not able to.


  • Human: Once a month he turns completely human due to his half human, half yōkai biology. During this time he loses all his powers. This only happens during a time when the moon isn't visible at night (new moon), which makes sense since the moon seems to be an important symbol of his family; Sesshomaru has a crescent moon on his forehead and his Meidō Zangetsuha attack originally takes on the form of a crescent moon. During this period, Inuyasha's hair turns black and he loses his superhuman strength, speed and defensive abilities, as well as his dog ears, claws, fangs, etc. In this form, basically all of his yōkai powers are gone and he can only use Tessaiga in its rusty form. He prefers to keep it a secret because on that night he is vulnerable. Only his friends and a few others know his secret. Perhaps the reason why InuYasha changes to a human during the new moon is because in InuYasha Movie 3: Swords Of An Honorable Ruler, a short time after Takemaru of Setsuna killed InuYasha's mother, Izayoi, while she was in labor with InuYasha, before Inu Taishou brought her back to life moments later, there was a lunar eclipse. When the moon turned dark, the newborn child began to cry. This may be a possible explanation why InuYasha becomes vulnerable during the new moon. Because the actual canonity of the movie is rather disputed, it may simply be totally random, because apparently all half demons transform into a human once a month. Interestingly, Human InuYasha bears a striking resemblance to Ranma Saotome of Ranma 1/2 fame, which is also a work of Rumiko Takahashi's.
  • Yōkai: At a point that Inuyasha can't take anymore of what he is seeing or if his life is in danger, he will transform. The first time it happened was when his Tessaiga broke in Episode 43. When transformed, Inuyasha's appearance also changes (see the picture to the right). Inuyasha will remain in this state if he does not have Tessaiga within reach or on him (i.e. episode 52 when he was with Miroku). As revealed by Myoga; that reason that Inuyasha's father had the Tessaiga forged was to prevent his son's yōkai blood from taking him over, since he's a han'yō he can't fully handle the power he inherited from his father the way Sesshomaru can. This is why there are many abilities that Sesshomaru can perform that Inuyasha can't, (ie making a cloud that can be flown on), since he doesn't have what it takes to handle the yōkai power. If Inuyasha is in yōkai form, he cannot remember himself and his yōkai blood takes over his human heart. He will continue to fight until he is killed. In this state, he gains a massive boost in all of his physical abilities (raw power, strength, regeneration, durability, and speed) and very probably his sensory abilities as well (although this is never addressed). The most noteworthy examples of these augmentations are: he regenerated completely from the near fatal Wind Scar wounds he received about a day earlier upon his first transformation, recovered just as quickly from the effects of a deadly poison he had been injected with upon his second transformation, was able to strike Sesshomaru's Tōkijin with his fist, and could cut open Ryukotsusei's nearly unbreakable hide with nothing more than his bare hands(and without using the typical Sankon Tessō energy blast). His raw yokai power in this form was enough to frighten Sesshomaru momentarily, and admit it to himself (it doesn't appear that anything or anyone else in the series has ever had that effect on him). It is a common misconception that his yokai blood would destroy his body, but the nature of the transformations is to keep Inuyasha alive, thus his body is transformed by the power, not overwhelmed by it. The transformations do transform his mind however because that is not strictly nessessary to survive. Repeated transformations will eat away at his sanity, and possibly the human part of his soul. It would appear however, that the damage to his humanity is not permanent. He is sort of a daiyōkai seeing as he is the son of the dog general and even though he is a han'yō, he is superior to most yōkai. In the most recent chapter on the manga, he reverted to his Youkai state once again while fighting a mirror youkai, but he did not lose control and fall into a berserker mind-set like he has in prior situations. It is unknown if it is the fact that Tesaiga had many of its powers removed from it and given to Kanna's Mirror Demon or if it is through his own abilities that he is able to maintain control of himself. It is unknown how he suppresses his yōkai blood before he receives the Tessaiga.
  • Purified: In episode 167, thus far the final episode of the Inuyasha anime, Naraku's machinations prompted Inuyasha to use a shard of the Jewel of the Four Souls to strengthen Tessaiga's power, an effort which backfired when the unpurified powers of the shard caused Inuyasha to begin entering his yōkai form. Kagome, seeing Inuyasha's predicament, ran to him and her embrace purified the shard, leaving Inuyasha in a purified version of his yōkai form. In this form, he retained some of the aspects of his yōkai form, such as the purple stripes on his face, but his eyes remained clear and he retained his sanity instead of being subject to the berserker rage which ordinarily characterizes his yōkai form. After the shard was removed from the Tessaiga, Inuyasha reverted to his normal han'yō self.


  • Although he is always seen with claws instead of human nails on his hands, his feet have claws like his hands.
  • At around 17:57-17:58 and 18:01 of episode 6, he has claws.

Voice Actor[]

  • Japanese Seiyū: Kappei Yamaguchi
  • English Voice Actor: Richard Ian Cox
  • Italian voice actor: Massimiliano Alto (ep 1-26); Francesco Pezzulli (ep 27-167)
  • German Voice Actor: Dominik Auer
  • Hungarian Voice Actor: Moser Károly
  • Latin American Spanish voice actor: Enzo Fortuny
  • Filipino Voice Actor: Jojit Lorenzo