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First Appearance Dream Corp LLC
Episode One
Performer Stephanie Allynne

Joey was the intern and apparent receptionist of Dream Corp LLC in Season One. She was the first person patients saw, as she took down their information, while also making sure the patients weren't actually police, FBI, or IRS agents.

Joey has a sweet, pleasant and generally encouraging demeanor, well-suited to medical work, an ideal bedside manner. Although she's described as an intern, she clearly has the most professional attitude and demeanor of anyone at Dream Corp. Her primary role seems to be the interpretation of patients' dream symbology for purposes of diagnosing the root causes of their affliction and identifying potential solutions and potential complications.

She (Initially, at least,) seemed to hold high regard for Dr. Roberts, even though he often seems to brush her off when she's trying to give him information about a patient's status.

In The Leak it's revealed she'd been an intern for Dream Corp for nine years and that subconsciously she was unhappy working for them, because she felt ignored.