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First Appearance FLCL: Alternative
Flying Memory
Performer Megan Taylor Harvey

Kana Koumoto is a high school student appearing in FLCL: Alternative the third season of the FLCL series.

She's a clumsy girl, who works part time at a soba restaurant and hangs out with her friends, until meeting Haruko Haruhara, who opens up her N.O. Channel.

She's unsure of what she wants to do out of Highs school, declaring that 17 years is't enough time to decide, and as such makes up for it, by helping her friends with their issues. In Grown-up Wannabe, she tries to help Hijiri Yajima with her relationship, and in Freestyle Collection, she attempts to help Mossan, after she overworks (And overeats) herself to exhaustion, but is met with opposition as Mossan insists that she's butting in to her dreams and it'll only count if she achieves it herself.

This all comes to a head in Shake It Off, where upon learning that Pets is rich and also leaving Earth for Mars, Pets yells at her for always butting in.