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Kikaider AS
Adult Swim Premiere June 9, 2003[1]
Original Network Kids Station
Seasons 2
Episodes 17

Android Kikaider: The Animation, shortened to Kikaider on Adult Swim, is a Japanese anime series produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment Visual Works (now Aniplex), and animated by Radix & Studio OX. The show aired on Kids Station in Japan from October 16, 2000, to January 8, 2001. It was followed by a 4-part OVA sequel titled Kikaider 01: The Animation that was released in Japan between November 21, 2001 and March 20, 2002.

The English dub of Kikaider premiered on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block (although episode 8, a recap episode, did not air) from June 9, 2003 to June 26, 2003. Kikaider 01 then immediately picked up and aired from June 30, 2003 to July 3, 2003. Reruns of both shows then aired sporadically through November 6, 2003, when Adult Swim lost the broadcast rights.



The genius robotics professor Dr. Komyoji has created Kikaider, a humanoid robot gifted with a 'conscience circuit' enabling Kikaider to simulate real emotions and distinguish between right and wrong. "Jiro", as he is called by Dr. Komyoji's children Mitsuko and Masaru, finds himself struggling to protect Mitsuko and Masaru from the evil Dr. Gill and his androids, and also to understand his own conflicted emotions. Is the conscience circuit a blessing or a curse? "Jiro", otherwise known as Kikaider to the evil forces, struggles to find his existance, and why he feels the way he does. Yet the more he finds out, the more he wants to become human - and find out why he feels differently than those that are human.

Kikaider 01[]

Ever since the fall of the DARK organization, Jiro has been wandering everywhere and wondering if he would ever see Mitsuko again or not. During his journey Jiro meets a beautiful girl named Rieko who is protecting Akira, a little boy from the evil Professor Gill. Ironicly, he's the son of Professor Gill, but he is also the key to Gill’s menacing secret weapon and his plans to conquer the world.