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First Appearance FLCL: Progressive
RE: Start
Performer Robbie Daymond

Ko Ide is a ember of Hidomi's class, who's head is currently being used by Haruko. In the first episode the monster that appears from his head attacks Hidomi at her house, and they seek shelter at the local dump. He attempts to impress his friends by telling them about their new teacher staying at his house.

In "Freebie Honey," it's revealed that he works backbreaking labor in a junkyard, being literally whipped by his boss. He also attempts (and fails) to sell wares to Japanese gangsters.

He begins developing a crush on Hidomi, attempting to get the "real" Hibajiri back after the events of "Stone Skipping," going so far as to jump of the Medical Mechanica plant to rescue her in "LooPQR."