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Premiere April 7, 2019
Finale January 11, 2021
Seasons 2
Episodes 20

Lazor Wulf is an American adult-animated television series produced by Williams Street for Adult Swim that premiered on April 8, 2019. Created by Henry Bonsu.


In 2013, Henry Bonsu created a webcomic in Tumblr. He began drawing a comic focusing on a wolf with a laser on his back and whose best friend was a piece of ham, next comics he makes it in different styles. Years went by, the pilot was created and Adult Swim picked it up and turn it into a series.


In a place called Strongburg, a wolf name Lazor Wulf, who carries a laser on his back have adventures along with his pack of carefree friends as hanging out at their neighborhood joints like The Clurb and Esther's.


Main Characters[]

  • Lazor Wulf (Voiced by Vince Staples) - A blue wolf with a laser on his back. He likes to hangout with his friends, eating on Esther's (He's allergic to everything that isn't Esther's) and best friends with Battle Ham. According in the 18th episode Keep Going, Lazor is 7 years-old.
  • Canon Wulf (Voiced by Ettore Big E Ewen) - A teal wolf with yellow hair and a cannon on his back, the older brother to Lazor and Blazor. Canon owns a club called Delicadance and he loves eating mozzarella sticks. However, he gets very emotional with his feelings like when he misses his father.
  • King Yeti (Voiced by Andre Pascoe) - He is a tall orange yeti like-creature and wears a green track suit. He claims himself to be the only bike rider in town and his known catchphrase is My dude. His father made him leave his home on his 9th birthday in That Was Today. This Is Tomorrow. When he speaks and makes arguments, he often makes use of word-play and intellectual speaking.
  • Stupid Horse (Voiced by J.D. Witherspoon) - A white horse who hangs out whenever he causing discomfort and annoying them. He is filled with energy and gets caught up in his surroundings.
  • Blazor Wulf (Voiced by Quinta Brunson) - A purple wolf, the sister to Lazor and Canon. She owns a hair salon and make her business growing, considering herself as a workaholic. She sometimes appear in Season 1, but she have more appearance in Season 2.

Minor Characters[]

  • To be added.