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First Appearance Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
Performer Carolann Utley

Lee is an Onryo with long black hair that appears in the Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell episode Lee.


Lee's long hair covers her face (Though she shows her face to time after time to reveal that it one giant mouth with razor sharp teeth) while wearing a black long sleeve sweater with a white collar shirt under it, a red plaid skirt with long knee high socks and black shoes.


She was part of an idea to bring women to the workplace. She was first seen in her cubic as Claude attempt to flirt after giving her a book with a book mark to go with it, which result of her burning his hand with her acid power and puking slime out of her mouth. Later when she bumped into Gary, who tried to move out of the way but instead is block by her, she grabbed him and took him to a empty cubic to do it (But not before Gary closed the opening with a copy machine)

Later during a office meeting (With a possessed girl kept saying the same sentence over and over again) Lee, who was sitting next to the boss but far from Gary, decide to have a bit of fun, in which she takes off her right shoe and stretch her leg across under the table and began to rub Gary's Man Jewels with her feet (Who at first thought it was Troy playing a trick on him). As Claude attempts to revealed Lee's and Gary action, Under the table Lee spout a Arm from her leg and used her acid powers again to shut up Claude from telling the boss.


  • Mouth Face: Instead of a normal face, Lee has a face mouth with sharp teeth that is usually covered with her long black hair.
  • Acid Powers: Lee can release acid from her hands to harm her victim.
  • Limb Extension: Lee use this Power to stretch her leg across the table to play Footsie to Gary, as it shows she likes him
    • Arm Leg: Lee use this power to grow a second arm from her leg and used her Acid powers to hurt Claude again
  • TV Jumping: Lee has the ability to enter tv screens and pull people in.
  • Super Speed: Lee used this ability to take Gary to her cubic.


  • Sheears resemblance to both Kayako Saeki and Sadako Yamamura from the Ju-on/The Grunge Film Series and The Ring Film Series as both are Onryo with long black hair that cover their faces and doesn't say a word.