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Leonard Ghostal
First Appearance Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Performer "Macho Man" Randy Savage

Leonard Ghostal is the grandfather of Tad Ghostal, he shows up in Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode "Piledriver." Zorak points out that he bares a striking resemblance to Space Ghost, and sounds like Randy Savage, two claims that Space Ghosts rebuffs.

Despite this Leonard speaks in a very "Macho Man"-like affect, and is appropriately himself a retired professional wrestler, having wrestled Moltar's father twice, once in a Steel Cage match and a second time in a Texas Deathmatch. Leonard doesn't acknowledge the second match, because he apparently lost because Moltar's father used a foreign object, and he thinks he should have been disqualified (despite Deathmatches usually being No Disqualification matches).

He apparently knows, Les, the pilot of the Saucer Crab, and flies off with him at the end of the episode, while pretending to have been abducted.