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Let's Fish
Let's Fish Logo
Main Series Let's Fish
Season No. 1
Episode No. Pilot
Original Airdate May 13, 2007
Runtime 11 Minutes
FCC Rating TV-MA
Main Crew
Director(s) Chris Prynoski
Writer(s) Mark Rivers
Executive producer(s) Scott Adsit
Brendon Small
Mark Rivers
Mike Lazzo
Keith Crofford
Episode Cast
Starring Scott Adsit
Brendon Small
Voices of Mark Rivers

Let's Fish is the proposed pilot episode for Adult Swim.


Don and Kevin are stuck in the middle of the ocean in their small fishing boat. They meet a Cuban immagrent with dreams of conquering America, and stumble across an island of mad natives who all have Boston accents.


The series revolved around two friends, Kevin and Don, who are stranded in the middle of the sea in a tiny fishing boat. While stranded, the pair come across many people and bizarre occurrences. While Kevin and Don and their boat, are filmed in live action, the entire world around them is animated.


The show was originally a part of The Night of 1,000 Pilots special and came in last place in the resulting popularity contest. However, unlike the other four shows, Let's Fish was not given a full season due to Small's commitment to Metalocalypse and Adsit's commitment to Moral Orel.



  • Brendon Small as Kevin
  • Scott Adsit as Don
  • Mark Rivers as The Cuban and The Natives