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Main Characters []

Master Shake[]

Master Shake

The leader of the Aqua Teens. Is most of the time known as "Shake". The Mooninites and rarely Carl call him "Cup". Shake is a lazy, unpleasant, self-centered. Sometimes he's nice though. He looks like a six foot tall cup with a pink straw and very small yellow hands. In the ATHF movie they showed that the straw can be removed. One of his favorite things to do is torture Meatwad. He also likes swimming in Carl's pool and watching TV. He has an amazing technique that he can do which is sucking liquids through his straw, at least 85 gallons. He is very good at using firearms. He can also shoot which is known to be pistachio milkshake through his straw and on to the ground.



A red floating french fry box. He has a goatee and braces. He also has a blue jewel stuck on his back which he will rarely show. The jewel is known to have "power of a thousand suns". which gives him the ability to fly. In the movie, it shows a VCR in the jewel. he uses his fries as arms. He also uses one of his fries as something called "Frydar" which could hind anything with heat and trace cell phone calls. He can also shoot his fries. Frylock is an intellectual compared to everyone else and always thinks scientifically, His room is full of experiments and books. Frylock has the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes, fireballs, and ice rays. Frylock acts like meatwads parent. In the ATHF movie, it shows that Frylock is really a lesbian woman trapped in a male body.


Meatwad 08

A friendly wad of meat. He is agurably the youngest of the characters, even though he was revealed to be 55 in episode Super Trivia; however, he is actually 38 in episode Rabbot Redux. He has a father and son type of relationship with Frylock, as he always tries to save Meatwad from people like Master Shake and the Mooninites. Meatwad is a very big fan of MC Pee Pants and candy. He has several random objects that he calls his "dolls". Meatwad often thinks that his doll called Boxy Brown talks to him. His other dolls include Dewey, Vanessa, and Squirrely. Meatwad has the power to change into a hotdog or an igloo. He also has become a Samurai Lincon, a meat wall, meat bridge, and Meat Monster.


The overweight, balding, quick tempered, mustached, neighbor of the Aqua Teens. Carl wears a white shirt with no sleeves, blue sweat pants, a yellow chain, and green flip flops. Carl has a strong passion for pornography, classic rock (espacially "More Than an Feeling" by Boston), and sports all of which help him with his favorite activity masterbation. Carl generally hates the Aqua Teens, and considers them freaks. Carl is visited by misfourtane in almost every episode, and his car and house are destroyed often. Carl espacially hates having the Aqua Teens in his pool, even though they're in there often.

Recurring Characters[]

Dr. Weird[]

A crazy sciencetist that lives on the South Jersey Shore. Dr. Weird created the Aqua Teens, but Dr. Weird is actually Frylock's son in the end of the movie.


Dr. Weird's helper that is often the victim of his crazy inventions. He wears a lab coat, and is usually looking at a test tube.

The Mooninites[]


Ignignokt (green) and Err (pink)

Ignignokt is their leader, and his green colored. Err is his sidekick, and is pink colored. The Mooninites constanly try to rip off the Aqua Teens and Carl. Their main weapon is the Quad Laser. They hate the Plutonians by Ignignokt think them "are teh suck" in The Last One and battling with them in Spacecataz as main characters.

The Plutonians[]

Oglethorpe is their fat leader, and is orange colored. Emory is his sidekick, and is green colored. The Plutonians try to do very dumb schemes. They hate the Mooninites by Oglethorpe talking about bus stop in yearbook at high school in The Last One and battling with them in Spacecataz as main characters.

MC Pee Pants[]

An insane rapper that Meatwad is a big fan of. In every episode he's in he has a different look, because Satan is sending him do the food chain.

Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future[]

A crazy robot who tells long stories starting with Thousands of years ago...

Dr. Wongburger[]

An insane mad scientist who is in the form of the weiner, tooth and hamburger who created his own ship and return to his own planet.

The Plutonians[]

Two antagonistic aliens named Oglethorpe and Emory. In the fourth season, they get their own series of pre-episode shorts titled Spacecataz.