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This is the list of actors that have been shown on Aqua Teen Hunger Force (ATHF) and voices for the characters.


Scott Adsit Hoppy Bunny (Hoppy Bunny)

Fred Armisen

Poncho (Hypno-Germ)
Time Lincoln (ATHF:MFFT)
Male Robot (Robots Everywhere)


Todd Barry

Romulox (PDA and The Last One)

H. Jon Benjamin

Mothmonsterman (Bus of the Undead and The Last One)
Mr. Sticks (Broodwich)
CIA Agent #1 (Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters)
Mortimor Mango (Bible Fruit)

Tommy Blacha

Mr. Wongburger (Dickesode)

Stewart Breihut

Germ Guard (Hypno-Germ)


Tom Clark

Love Mummy (Love Mummy)

LaLa Cochran

Sexy Woman (Dirtfoot)

C. Martin Croker

Dr. Weird
Zorak (Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters)

David Cross (As Sir Willups Brightslymoore)

Happy Time Harry (Dumber Dolls and The Last One
Bert Banana (Bible Fruit)


Glenn Danzig

Himself (Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future)


Jay Edwards

Himself (The)
Tree (Revenge of the Trees)
Party-goer (Future Wolf II: Never Cry Wolf: Origin of the Series)
First member of Chicago (Bart Oates)


Tina Fey

Burrito (Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters)

Todd Field

Ol' Drippy (Ol' Drippy and The Last One)

Will Forte

Alien (Antenna)

Jim Fortier

Carl Brain (Carl Wash)
Satan (Super Sir Loin and The Last One)
Tree (Revenge of the Trees)


Joe Garden

Phil Cabinet (Hypno-Germ)

Janeane Garofalo

Donna (Hypno-Germ)

Jon Glaser

Jerry (Broodwich)
Oog (Super Computer and The Last One)
CIA Agent #2 (ATHF:MFFT)

Seth Green

Himself (The Dressing)


Michael D. Hanks

Homeless Man aka. Tree Wizard (Gee Whiz)

Todd Hanson

Off-Broadway Narrator (Hypno-Germ)
Wwwyzzerdd (Interfection)

Matt Harrigan

Major Shake (Bad Replicant and The Last One)

Ned Hastings

Trivia Host/Ned Hastings (Super Trivia)
Himself (The)
Arthur Dunhill (Future Wolf II: Never Cry Wolf: Origin of the Series)
Tree Juror (Revenge of the Trees)
Axe Body Spray (Boost Mobile)
Dan from Grim Reaper Gutters (Grim Reaper Gutters)

Isaac Hayes III

The Voice (Broodwich, The Last One and Black Slave Driver Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters)

Scott Hilley

Flargan (Escape from Leprechaupolis and The Last One)
George Washington (The Cloning)

Tim Heidecker

The Basketball (Hypno-Germ)

Joshua Homme

Dummy (Dummy Love)


Nick Ingkatanuwat

Cliff (Remooned)
Muffin Man (The Cloning)
Tree (Revenge of the Trees)
Easter Bunny (T-Shirt of the Living Dead)


Mike Judge

Alien (Antenna)


Chris Kattan Walter Melon (ATHF:MFFT)

Chris Karwowski

Tulip Sniper (Hypno-Germ)

Don Kennedy

Assisted-Living Dracula (Bus of the Undead)
Vegetable Man (Mayhem of the Mooninites)

Carol Kolb

Wall (Hypno-Germ)

Mary Kraft

Computer Voice (Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto)
Female Shopper (Mayhem of the Mooninites)
Nurse to Assisted Living Dracula (Bus of the Undead)

John Kruk

Himself (Sirens)


Roberto Lange

Mucus Man (Global Grilling)

B.B. Leeland

Scorpions (Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary)

George Lowe

Himself (Antenna)
Bruno Sardine ("Dirtfoot")
Space Ghost (Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie)
Standards & Practices Announcer (Gee Whiz)
Wedding DJ (Mail Order Bride)


Seth MacFarlane

Wayne The Brain McLane (Super Trivia)

Matt Maiellaro

Billy Witch Doctor (Video Ouija)
Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future (Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, The Last One, Deleted Scenes and ATHF:MFFT)
Delivery Guy (Carl)
Filing Cabinet (Hypno-Germ)
Geddy Lee (Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary)
Intelligent Helmet (eDork)
Jiggle Billy (Dumber Dolls and The Last One)
Rabbot (The Last One)
Randy the Astonishing (Circus and The Last One)
Randy's Dad (Circus)
Santa Claus (T-Shirt of the Living Dead)
Stenographer Tree (Revenge of the Trees)
Styro-Head (The Clowning)
Turkitron (The Dressing)
Vampire (Little Brittle)

Kim Manning

Donna Bryson (Carl)

Amanda Marks

Unknown (Carl)

Rita McGrath

Svetlana (Mail Order Bride)

Carey Means


Andy Merrill

Easter Bunny (T-Shirt of the Living Dead)
Germ (Hypno-Germ)
Merle (Escape from Leprechaupolis and The Last One)
Mr. Wongburger's Men (Dickesode)

Barry Mills

Hustlin' Tom Turkey (The Dressing)

Eugene Mirman

Dr. Eugene Mirman (Party All the Time)


Akhenaton Nickens

Large Larva (Diet)

Ted Nugent

Himself (Gee Whiz)


Bart Oates

Himself (Bart Oates)

Bob Odenkirk

Bean Wizard (Hypno-Germ)

Patton Oswalt

DP (Frat Aliens and The Last One)
Ezekiel (Ezekial)
Skeeter (Frat Aliens and The Last One)


Tera Patrick

Herself (Grim Reaper Gutters)

Neil Peart

Himself (Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters)

Brian Posehn (As Jason Todd)

Wisdom Cube (The Cubing)


Billie Reaves

Herself (Dirtfoot)

Killer Mike|Michael Render

Boost Mobile Phone (Boost Mobile)

Vishal Roney

Foodie Mart Clerk (Remooned)
Insurance Agent Vishal (PDA)
Tree (Revenge of the Trees)


Kristen Schaal

Tammy Tangerine (Bible Fruit)

Mike Schatz

File Folder (Hypno-Germ)
Germ (Hypno-Germ)

Tom Scharpling

Willie Nelson (The Shaving)

Maria Schneider

Phil Cabinet's Wife (Hypno-Germ)

Jon Schnepp

Dumbassahedratron (The Cubing and The Last One)

Schoolly D


Sarah Silverman

Robositter (Robositter)

Brendon Small (As Dick Small)

Mr. Wongburger's Men (Dickesode)
Newscaster (Dickesode)

Dana Snyder

Master Shake
Shrub Attorney (Revenge of the Trees)

Jennifer Stephens

Unknown (Carl)


T Pain

Black Dummy (Dummy Love)

Scott Thompson (As Veronica Billingsly)

Dusty Gozongas (Dusty Gozongas)

Carlos Tureta

Educational Puppet Singer (Universal Remonster)


Ashley Ward

Sheila (Robositter)

Chris Ward IV (As MC Chris)

Commercial Kid (Super Computer)
Little Brittle (Little Brittle)
MC Pee Pants (MC P. Pants and The Last One)
Sir Loin (Super Sirloin)
Young Carl (Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future)

Hayden Ward

Hooker (The Clowning)

Eric Wareheim

Germ Master (Hypno-Germ)

Dave Willis

Boxy Brown
Judge Tree (Revenge of the Trees)
TV Announcer (Super Hero and Dirtfoot)
Tour Guide (T-Shirt of the Living Dead)
Handbanana (Handbanana)
Surgeon (Laser Lences)

Lisa Willis

Unknown (Carl)

Andrew W.K.

Himself (Party All the Time)

Zakk Wylde

Himself (Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary)



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