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This article talks about the minor characters on the television series Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

List of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Villains[]


A cube who said that he was the Wisdom Cube, but was actually his cousin. He is obsessed with doing prank calls which made him friends with Master Shake. In The Last One, he ends up in hell after dying of suffocation. He is also known as The Dumbasshedron.


A yellow dog Frylock made for Meatwad using a software called Make Your Own Dog 2.0. Although nice and friendly to everyone else he "mindlinks" with Carl and rapes him repeatedly throughout the episode. Handbanana was made from radioactive waste and Shake's hand and looks has a close resemblance to a banana, hence how he got his name. He has a non-speaking cameo in One Hundred . He is voiced by Dave Willis.


Voiced by Andy Merrill (Merle) and Scott Hilley (Flargon)

Two leprechauns (plus one more) who trick people by sending spam emails to go to the park and stay in the rainbow, but in reality, they steal their valuables. They use a rainbow machine which they stole from Dr. Weird. The leader is dim-witted, while his partner is slightly more intelligent. The gender of the extra one is unknown. They are killed trying to reach the Moon in The Last One in an accident that also destroys the trees.

Love Mummy[]

Voiced by Tom Clarke A mummy who demands expensive goods and threatens the Aqua Teens with a curse if they fail to comply. Eventually, Frylock discovers that the "curse" is simply a tactic to manipulate the Aqua Teens to do his bidding, and simply throws him out with the garbage. The Love Mummy also appears as a "piece of junk" in later episodes.


Voiced by: Matt Maiellaro

The landlord of the Aqua Teens and Carl. He is a vampire. In the first couple of episodes of season 5 Markula had demons kidnap the Aqua Teens , because they refused to fix a gas leak and pay for October's rent. In those episodes Carl received new neighbors that irritated Carl, and, in the same breath, overjoyed Markula. Carl often refers to him as Markus.(The first day Carl met Markula in season 1 he thought Markula was a talking bat "due to his shapshifting powers) Markula also has the power to mutate living things by biting them.(Thats how Paul was created.) Markula was eventually killed by Carl with a bottle garlic champagne in the episode "Couples Skate" exclaiming, "open wide jackass!". He was 4040 years old.


A moth created by Dr. Weird. He is infatuated with Master Shake's signal, and stalked the Aqua Teens with the hope that Master Shake would switch the signal back on. He visually looks like a giant moth. He wears brown pants and black shoes. He also appeared in The Last One. He is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.

Ol' Drippy[]

Voiced by Todd Field A mold monster created out of Master Shake's mess. He is a very kind and gentle guy who becomes very good friends with Meatwad. Shake is very mean to him, which includes causing Drippy to get run over by a semi truck and eating him. He, appeared in The Last One.


A rabbit-like robot created by Dr. Weird, it was the primary antagonist of the very first episode. It likes to eat hair products, and later learned rudimentary speech limited to the days of the week and the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0. He joins a group that were going to destroy the Aqua Teens in the second season episode "The Last One". He makes a brief cameo at the end of the seventh season episode "Rabbot Redux", were he destroys the Aqua Teens new houses, forcing them to move back into their old home.

Randy the Astonishing[]

A yellow creature that is the prince of Jupiter. Shake sold Meatwad to Randy's circus which becomes a flop when Shake does his act. He later shows up in The Last One getting contolled by the spore, and getting a wig from a clown head. He is voiced by Dave Willis.


A yuppie that Shake accused of stealing his PDA, which actually belonged to Romulox. He appears in the episodes PDA and The Last One. He is voiced by Todd Barry.


Appearing in the episode "Rubberman," Frylock created him out of the used condoms and needles left outside Carl's house by crackwhores, and intended to use him as a duck-shaped mascot to promote safe sex. Instead, Meatwad uses Carl's lamp to bring him to life á la Frosty the Snowman, at which point they go on a crime spree. Eventually he got killed by Frylock with a flamethrower. He is voiced by Don Kennedy.

The Trees[]

Talking trees that tried to prove that Shake and Carl were guilty for dumping waste into the forest. They got set on fire in The Last One. The Tree Judge is voiced by Dave Willis, while the Stenographer is voiced by Matt Maiellaro and the others are voiced by Jay Edwards, Jim Fortier, Ned Hastings, Nick Ingkatanuwat and Vishal Roney, while their Court-Appointed Shrub Lawyer assigned to the Aqua Teens is voiced by Dana Snyder.


Voiced by Matt Maiellaro A robotic turkey who was under the impression that he was actually the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future, but he's actually a malfunctioning toy turkey, and there are hundreds of him. He also likes to start stories with "In the year of 9595...."

Wayne "The Brain" Mclain[]

A super smart guy that likes to play trivia with the Aqua Teens. He always wins the games. He admits he does it all to be cool and prove he's better. He wears grass on his head to cover his huge brain and is a jerk according to Frylock. He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

Other characters[]


A crazy witch doctor. He was hired by Frylock to bring Shake back to life, but he's better at doing that with chickens. He is very ineffective and plays jokes on the Aqua Teens. Eventually, Frylock kills him and resurrects "Ultra-mega Chicken".

Boost Mobile[]

A cell phone that is Shake's cousin, and his friend. He eventually gets killed when he got set on fire.

Carl and Carl Jr.[]

Not to be confused with Carl Brutananadilewski, these are two evil brains that run a car wash as a way of tricking people into getting their brain stolen. Meatwad danced in front of their place to help bring customers. They first appeared in Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Homeless Man[]

Voiced by: Matt Maiellaro

A deranged homeless man featured in several episodes. He gets hurt in several episodes. In his first appearance he tryed to buy the Aqua Teens house (most likely), but he ended up just taking their muffins.

Jesus Ezekiel Jesus[]

A cute little cup that looks like a miniature version of Shake. The Aqua Teens thought he was Shake's son, but it turns out that Ezekiel is thousands of years old. He talks very fast, and seems to be very childish. He is voiced by Patton Oswalt.

Gene E.[]

A small, green genie who lives in a bottle that the Aqua Teens found in a garbage dump. He granted them some wishes, but instead of doing the wishes, he just turned them invisible. He is voiced by Matt Maiellaro.

Hoppy Bunny[]

A furry who wears a large pink bunny head with a crown on it. When Carl's new recorder started taking control of him, Hoppy Bunny ordered Carl to put on an elfish garb and play the recorder for the amusement of him and his fellow furies. In his day job, he's a surgeon.

Major Shake[]

A creation of Emory and Oglethorpe. They wanted him to look exactly like Master Shake, but they failed, as he has a generally melted appearance and has a radio embedded in his back. He ends up being quite a nice guy, even though his mission was to "de-terraform" the earth. He is voiced by Matt Harrigan.


A off-screen character who is Dr. Weird's roommate. In the episode "Super Birthday Snake" Dr. Weird splices the helixes of his DNA with that of a fried porkchop. In the movie, Dr. Weird yells at him off screen to, "Turn your fucking stereo down!". He also appears in Allen Part I, running the checkout for Dr. Weird's Garage Sale.


Voiced by: Matt Maiellaro

The devil who tortures MC Pee Pants. He is a big fan of the song "I Want Candy". The animation of him was a lava monster that was first used on an episode of Super Friends. This was done, because the creators of the show thought the show wouldn't last long.

Schooly D[]

Voiced by: Schooly D

The show's narrator for the first season and does occasional narration for others. He was an off screen character, until the episode "Rabbot Redux" where he makes a brief appearance to sing the new theme song. Schooly D also sings the theme song.


Voiced by: Vincent Pastore

Carl's cousin that works for the local mafia. In the episodes "Dumber Days" and "Super Model" he was a friend of Carl's, but in "Laser Lenses" Carl said that Terry was his cousin. He was off-screen character in the episodes "Dumber Days" and "Super Model" and is seen in "Laser Lenses" and "She Creature".

Characters from the Movie[]

Chicken Bittle[]

Voiced by: Bruce Campbell

The fourth Aqua Teen and a chicken nugget shaped as a chicken. He attempted to carry out Dr. Weird's maniacal and insane plan of having all four Aqua Teens fly a plane into a brick wall, but Frylock took control of the plane and flew it to Africa. Upon all four of the Aqua Teens parachuting out of the plane, Chicken Bittle was eaten by a lion.

Walter Melon[]

Voiced by: Chris Kattan

The father of the Aqua Teens. He wanted to use their saved income to build an exercise gym. He knew his plan would fail when he found out that they all live in the same house, which they rent. He is the creator of the Insane-o-flex and he produced three best-selling exercise videos which caused him to lose his job.

Neil Peart[]

Voiced by: Neil Peart of the band Rush

The small human accomplice of Walter. Plays himself in the feature film. After Master Shake kills Meatwad with a shotgun, Neil brings him back to life by performing his "Drum Solo of Life" upon Walter's demand. He trys to bring Steve back to life, but Dr. Weird said "that's okay".


Voiced by: Tina Fey

The mother of the Aqua Teens and the assumed wife of Walter. She makes only a very brief appearance in the movie, toward the end.


A transforming exercise machine created by Walter Melon. In the feature film, Carl Brutananadilewski sits in it when it is still in the form of a normal exercise machine. After Carl sits down, the machine transforms into a monster that straps Carl to it, and forces him to do an inumerable amount of reps, leaving Carl with a gigantic, chiseled body. The Insane-o-flex creates havoc throughout the whole town. However its one weakness is horrible music through which it cannot "feel" rhythm. Master Shake destroys the Insane-o-flex by playing a horribly mediocre song called "Nude Love" from his new album. The Insane-o-flex is probably a girl, because it lays eggs.


Voiced by: Matt Harrigan

A disguise used by Dr. Weird to trick Carl into dating him. She is also very strong like Carl ends up being. However when she and Carl are about to have sex, she rips off her skin, revealing that she is actually Dr. Weird, who only tricked Carl in order to take his giant muscles which he gained from being trapped on the Insane-o-flex.

Time Lincoln[]

Voiced by: Fred Armisen

A witch doctor who made a bet with Master Shake on wether he could bring Frylock back to life or not. They never find out, because the CIA Agents ruined it. The Aqua Teens escape in a rocket ship, and Lincoln was killed by the agents which made black people rule the world in the future.

CIA Agents[]

Voiced by: H. Jon Benjamin and Jon Glaser

Two agents for the CIA who shoot Time Lincoln. The agent (T.J.) that Jon Glaser voices thinks that every enemy they come across is invisible, but the agent Jon Benjamin voices said "I don't know where you get your ideas T.J.".

Rob Goldstein[]

Voiced by: Craig Hartin

A man who was trying to sell Dr. Weird a loft after his asylum laboratory was changed into a loft building. Rob becomes flustered and allows Steve and Dr. Weird to keep the loft they have after Dr. Weird offers to show Rob his "package" by ripping his own skin off.

Plantation Owner[]

Voiced by: Isaac Hayes

A black man who has the CIA Agents as his slaves.