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MC Pee Pants is a reccuring antagonist in the first three seasons of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He was an eight-foot rapping spider with a diaper on him. He was later killed and became an ally of Satan who repeatedly brings him back to Earth as a different type of creature. He was voiced by MC Chris.


MC Pee Pants is the mentally-insane rapper 6-foot-tall spider. He sings I Want Candy, For Da Shorteez and Come to my Home, Dawg.


MC Pee Pants is an insane rapper that Meatwad is a big fan of. Satan always sends him out on missions that are very evil. When he's on the show Frylock knows what MC is up to and he has sent MC to his death twice. MC looks different every time he's on the show, but he is remebered as always having yellow eyes, a showercap and a large diaper. In the episode MC Pee Pants, Meatwad and Carl become addicted to his music and candy and when MC trys to trick them Frylock turns the tables and sends MC to his death. He was a spider. In the episode Super Sir Loin, he trys to break down the walls of a bank, but Frylock sends him his death. He was a cow. In the episode The Last One, MC gets killed by Err. He was a worm. In the episode Little Brittle, he was an old man who later became a vampire and then he accidently died when he went into the sun. In the film Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, he trys to sing a song to stop the Insanenoflex, but Master Shake hit him with a fly swatter. At first he was a spider again and later on was a fly.