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Matt Maiellaro (Born August 17, 1966) is one of the co-creators, writers, directors and voice actors of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Perfect Hair Forever and the creator of 12 oz. Mouse. He also voices several characters on all of those shows and is best known for voicing Err and the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future on ATHF.

Outside of Williams Street, Maiellaro is the writer for the 2023 direct-to-streaming animated film Pastacolypse. He also created the animated pilot Shred Force for Disney.

How it Started[]

Maiellaro was born in August 17, 1966 in Pensacola, Florida. Started working as mail viewers till he met Mike Lazzo, Maiellaro became a assistant director for horror films and a writer and producer for Space Ghost Coast to Coast. As working in Adult Swim, he met his new and future writer partner/friend, Dave Willis, who also join in as staff writer. They created Aqua Teen Hunger Force. His solo work he created is 12 oz. Mouse.

Voice Acting[]