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First Appearance Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
Shoyu Weenie
Performer John Michael Higgins

Mentok the Mindtaker is a Mind Taker and previously an enemy of Harvey Birdman and in the original series he was known as Mentor, the Mind Taker. He appeared in the episode of the same name, controlling Birdman's mind and forcing him to destroy Avenger and then using him to take over the United States government. Birdman managed to free himself and destroyed an atomic projectile that Mentor launched towards the capital of a foreign government to cause a war. After this, the superhero destroyed Mentor's lair, frustrating his plans. Mentor escaped, swearing that one day they would find again. Now, Mentor appears in this new series with the name of Mentok, with a joking personality and an immature and childish character. Fun as a judge when Hiram Mightor is not present.