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Dethklok fountain scene.jpg

In 2010, the Adult Swim Shop offered a Metalocalypse fountain based on one owned by the band Dethklok. The fountain was to be custom made upon purchase, and came with a price tag of $40,000. No photo of the completed fountain exists, and the dissolution of the Adult Swim Shop, makes it impossible to purchase one.


Are you the world’s biggest Metalocalypse fan?

No, really, their BIGGEST fan? Well, time to put your money where your mouth is by blowing all of that filthy, dirty cash you have lying around on this incredibly decadent purchase: a perfect replica of the fountain that decorates the nightmarish foyer of Dethklok’s luxurious and deadly estate. Nothing will boast your dedication to animated death-metal more than this disgustingly lavish and entirely unnecessary conversation piece squatting in your front yard. It will also do your neighbors the courtesy of informing them that yes, you are 100% balls-out crazy. Both shipping (and, of course, blood) are not included.


Order a replica of Dethklok’s fountain

  • Marble fountain; approx. 66″ in height, 96″ basin diameter
  • 8-12 weeks production time
  • Ships anywhere in North America or the Caribbean
  • Price does NOT include shipping, will vary by location
  • $13,000 security deposit required upon purchase to weed out the jokers
  • Fountain is non-refundable
  • Seriously, this is real