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Neon Knome

Neon Knome is the original pilot for The Problem Solverz that was originally pitched for Adult Swim, but was rejected for being what Adult Swim described as "too mind blowing cute". It was then retooled as a children's show on Cartoon Network. In this episode, the Problem Solverz find a giant rollerblade in their yard.


Horace found something strange in the yard. Alfe tries to wake up, but you get the picture. Roba came without his belt. They found a giant rollerblade. They were riding in it all day. Alfe went to get something to eat at Wraps. Horace and Roba came dehydrated. Horace ordered a milkshake. It's clearly hard for Roba to see without his glasses or wallet. Alfe plans on throwing the rollerblade into the forest, but Horace doesn't like the forest. They were later in the forest. They have a huge sleeping bag, and they slept in it. Thaz doesn't know where the boys are. Horace starts dreaming. The man asks the guys if he's on Main Street. The rollerblade was missing. Alfe, Roba, and Horace went home, and Thaz took them to the drama chamber. She's not really mad that the boys didn't rake the leaves, but she wants them to wear adult diapers, because they need to be relaxed enough to go to the bathroom while they work. They were later raking leaves. The creepy aliens were speaking in a different language, which takes you to the dark side to meet the narrator. The narrator laughed maniacally evilly, thus ending the episode.


  • This episode was rejected by Cartoon Network's late night block, Adult Swim. The show was later picked up and re-tooled by the main Cartoon Network. It went on to become one of the most poorly-received shows on the network. The series moved to Netflix for its' second and last season.
  • Only "damn" and "porno" were used in the pilot, therefore, due to it being for Adult Swim's Burger King Big, Über, Network Sampling, took milder language since Neon Knome was rated TV-14 than the show's current TV-PG rating.
    • This episode is actually more PG-13.
    • The words "damn" and "porno" were not the only reasons for it to be TV-14, as there was a moment where Alfe laid a stress ball.
  • This is the only episode which Thaz appeared in.
  • Scenes from the opening of the pilot can be found in the Problem Solverz.
  • It was produced by PFFR and Williams Street.
  • This was the second Problem Solverz episode animated in flash by Renegade Animation, but the company was uncredited.
  • This was the pilot Adult Swim rejected for looking too mind-blowingly cute.


  • In the shot where Alfe says "Alfe", he makes a derp face.

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